Sunday, November 26, 2006

Take Risks!

Miss Ann asked me to encode the module she’ll use for tomorrow’s Faculty Development Program.

Here is one topic that struck me most. It is a reiteration of what i have learned in the “Healing of Memories seminar” which is to take risk.

Only One who Risk is Free

To laugh is to risk appearing the
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
To reach out is to risk involvement
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To place your ideas and dreams before the crowd is to risk their love
To love is to risk not being love in return.
To hope is to risk despair
To try is to risk failure

But the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

The one who risk nothing does nothing and has nothing and finally is nothing.

He may avoid sufferings and sorrow.
But he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love.
Chained y his certitude, he is a slave; he has forfeited freedom.

Only One Who Risk is Free!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Adversity Quotient

Ms. Ann gave Adversity Quotient as our research first topic in Seminar in Psychology. She asked us to make a reaction. Here is the one I made.
It was inculcated in me that “failure is not falling down, it is staying down.” Things, whether or not favorable for me, happen for a reason; it is something I should face, learn from, and overcome.
However, there are things easily said than done. I admit that I tend to accept and deal better with happy times than with gloomy times. It is hard and feels bad to be disappointed by one’s own short-comings. It is distressing and morale- degrading. Worse, there are times that self-blame prevails. When it comes to this point, a person, including myself, may be too down to perform and function for the betterment, if not for the best, in reaching for his goal. This may leave him stagnant, futile, and unproductive which is exactly an adverse action and reaction in striving for success. This is alarming, something to be attended with enough attention.

On the other hand, there are people whose spirits are boosted up by misfortunes in life. They are the ones who learn and strive more to improve themselves. They are the ones who do not easily give up. They are the ones who do not have “crying over spilled milk” in their vocabulary. They are the ones who get better ideas from the hardships they encounter. The phrases “I give up”, “This is al I can do”, “I can’t make it” seem to be non-existent to them. They are the people who make something positive and reinforcing out of their hardships. They are the ones who are not overwhelmed by their problems, but are rather inspired by those to achieve something better for themselves or the people around them.

They are the ones who are more likely to succeed in reaching for their dreams. They are the ones whom live life to the full. This is exactly what Adversity quotient is all about.
Adversity quotient deals with one’s ability to handle the harsh conditions that comes his way. It is ones ability to move on and conquer the difficulties he has. It is all about resilience. Knowing ones level of AQ, its root factors, its building bocks and its core dimensions will help him overcome his frustrations and helplessness. This will help a person focus more on his strengths and goals. Improving ones AQ will facilitate a person in turning the adversities he encounters into his advantages. A person aware about his AQ have enough attention on how to device strategies and be responsible and flexible enough in achieving his dreams.

Understanding more about AQ taught many significant insights. Things do not always come the way we expect them to. We must be able to deal with them, be flexible enough in turning in every twist and turns of life (setting aside the phrase “I give up”) in order to achieve our goals. Life’s journey is not a smooth and straight path, it is, at times, narrow, bumpy and rough road which we should be able to cope with. If you fail to accomplish what you are apt to, don’t stop and dwell on it. It’s not the end of the world. Learn from it. Look for the positive side it offers. Be resilient (use you IQ, EQ and AQ). Do not be afraid to try or resort to another avenue of life. Who knows, your alternative route may end out as your road to success.
It’s mind over matter!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five People You Meet in Heaven

I was unable to post articles for half- a- month already due to time restriction (I prefered to sleep than to encode). But I wouldn't say that things that occured are not that worth-while, it's actually the exact opposite.
I believe that everything and every individual that comes our way are constituents of our life's journey. They are the pieces are hone and bind us into who we are and who we are going to be. They make our life's jigsaw puzzle complete. They are part, both directly and indirectly, of how we live our lives.

Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven depicts how one's life is affected by the way other people [around us] we encounter and vice versa. The story reminds us to be sensitive enough in dealing with our neighbors. Reading between the lines, I have realized that getting-to-know the people we interact with is not simply a courteous act, it is living a good life. The things we chose to do and not to do impinge on other people's lives too, not only ours.
We should bear in mind: the people we meet don't just come and go; they leave a mark that remains in the blueprint of our lives.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sembreak Class '06

We had our sembreak classes in Physical Science and Environmental Science from October 28 to November 11. I enjoyed every sessions, though I went nuts when we we discussed Force and Work. I perceive our trip to the river beside Filinvest, Darasa as the most memorable experience. I love it!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Pasaway sa ASEAN garden

WE ARE CAMERA SHY. Will any one contest?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rekindling the warmth of friendship

You saw it right! Its me and Emy. We took our snapshots at Fayds yesterday, October 25, while editing our notes in SoftPac. I was and is glad remembering this moment. Why? Its the first bonding activity we had since September 11 (the day i confronted her regarding our debate). Golly! let's bury the hatchet; lets rekindle the warmth of friendship.

Well, I am thankful that things are getting better between us this past few days!

Friendship rules! ^_^

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Chess-full Memory

We are all masters! masters of snapshots, not chess masters (except for Jen and Sarah).
It's a perfect place and a perfectexperience to remember. I will cherish this moment where we were all in bliss and excitement. It turned my gloomy mood into a bright one.

Confiding a Secret

I felt out of place in an incident this afternoon. No! This is an understatement. I was offended ---too offended. But I guess it was a blessing in disguise. I have learned from this experience (which I opt not to narrate here) the more appropriate way to confide a secret.

Here it is:
1. A person chose to whom he/she will confide his/her secret. Be reminded to tell that you have a secret to reveal only at the right time and place.

2. Don’t give hints if you don’t intend to share your secret to another person aside form the person you chose. You don’t know what the other person may think.

3. Please be sensitive enough. Avoid the word “squeal” if there is another person with you. It connotes that the other person is unworthy of trust and innately gossip-maker.

FYI: I am suffering from paranoia.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

LIT here we are!

We (July, Love, sarah and I) conducted an interiew with Ms. Jham Rdriguez, LIT Guidance Counselor last October 11. It was in partial fulfillment of the requirements in one of our major subjects --- Guidance and Counseling. The focus of the interview was Guidance Program - making. Its fun! Anyways, thank you to Celsie ( Did I spell it right?) for taking the snapshots!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

ABP upperclassmen Educ'l trip 2006

Our itenerary this whole day were Elsie Gaches, Asosacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc, Lighthouse Center for Children Foundation, and Reintegration for Care and Wholeness Foundation Inc.

We enjoyed our brief stay at Asosacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc... It's learning while having fun! I never thought that I'll enjoy the company of preschool children. I do love it! ^_^ I guess the warmth and accommodation showed by children to each one of us made the difference. For me, and for the rest of the AB Pasaway, it's an experience worth remembering.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lets' eat! (from Toni)

I read this article form Toni and decided to answer it too!

1. Favorite Comfort Food
inadobong mani… buttered corn (yung shredded ang mas gusto ko) …banana cue…

2. Favorite Breakfast Meal
cooked rice, fried tuyo with kamatis (magkakamay pa ako!), coffee na matabang… delicious!

3. Favorite Lunch Meal
Indian sardine in Sour soup! (Sinigang na Tamban!)… or Chicken curry

4. Favorite Dinner Meal
Pork Etofado or Chicken Pork Adobo a.k.a CPA…

5. Favorite Dessert
Leche gulaman… Papaya/Avocado shake.. Lakatan

6. Favorite Cake
Ribbon’s Chocolate cake with Caramel and Black forest…. Yummy!

7. Favorite Pasta
Filipino style spaghetti

8. Favorite Dish That Others Find Weird
Ice-cold Milo mixed with rice…

9. Favorite Fruits That You Haven’t Eaten In A While

10. Favorite Junkfood
burger… corn bits… Muncher green peas…

11. Favorite TV Show Related to Food (Cooking show, Travel show with food, etc.)
Henny Sisn’s Sle of Life (nt sure with he title, tagal na in akong di nakakapanood nito)… Mobile Kusina…

12. Favorite Pastries
polvoron… macaroons…

13. Favorite Way to Eat Potatoes
fried… salad… as garnish in meat dishes…

14. Favorite Ice Cream
Magnolia Rocky Road… Selecta Cookies n’ Cream…

15. Favorite Alcoholic Drink When You Really Really Really Want to Party
none…I don’t go to party na may inman...

16. Favorite Bar Chow

17. Favorite Chicken Dish
Chicken Curry and Fried Chicken

18. Favorite Place to Eat with Your Sweetheart or Your Best Friend (Choose 1)
wala!( wala akong sweet heart at sobrang tagal ko nang di nakakasabay sa pag-kain ang best ko.)

19. Favorite Place to Eat with your Family
sa dinner table namin sa bahay, saan pa ba! (kelan ba nga ba yung huling sabay-sabay kaming kumain sa kumidor?)

20. Fill in the blanks: I wish I could eat ____ in/at _____ with ______.
I wish I could eat spaghetti at home with my family and AB Pasaway friends.

ABP 4 vs BSA 3: A Debate

This is a track back article.

Before (11 September 2006)

Hanzel informed me that Emy declined to participate as second speaker in the upcoming debate. I was baffled. I simply can’t comprehend the reason behind her decision.

After our class in Abnormal Psychology, I talked to her and made some points in order to persuade her. Still, I failed. She insisted that she don’t like to and that she don’t know how. I was enraged. I found it irrational and too self-serving. How can she assert that she don’t know how when she was able to come up with excellent arguments in our previous exercises and exams in Ethics? But my thoughts were useless for she walked out of the scene like a hot chili sauce.

The said incident caused a BIG gap between the two of us. As the days passed she also became hostile with the rest the class excluding Jen and ate Cel. I dunno why.

During (13 September 2006r,10-11:30 a.m.)

Proposition: Should there be a right to die for the chronically and terminally ill patient? Affirmative side: AB Psychology 4 (Ethics class)
Negative side: BS Accountancy 3 (Logic class)
Arbiter: Dino Marquez, BSA 3
Ms. Thelma Balba, Faculty Assistant
Mr. Gerard Sarmiento
The representatives of ABP 4 were: Yen (Second Constructive speech); Hanzel (Rebuttal speech); Liz, Karen, and ate cel (scribes); and I (First Constructive speech)

I was not that confident while delivering my speech not because my piece is rubbish, but because I fear that my low speaking voice will fail me and the group (I perceive that my voice is audible, but it’s not enough in terms of public speaking). But I was encouraged by the results of the interpellation. I was able (thanks to Hanzel, he’s the one who prepared my queries) to cause inconsistencies with the Negative side’s first speaker. I’m just not sure if the adjudicators clearly noticed this.

Yen’s speech was superb. She emphasized our stand markedly. She wasn’t able to finish her piece though. What I love most was the interpellation between the second speakers of both sides.

Here are the quotable quotes:

Yen: (addressing Dino) “May I answer the question…”
Dino: "Of course you should answer the question."
(Yen meant, if she can elaborate her answer)

Yen: (addressing Dino) “May…”
Mark: “You should answer my question.”
(Yen was trying to asked the arbiter, Dino, if she can elaborate her answer but Mark hindered her to do so with the statement mentioned earlier)

On the other hand, Hanzel delivered a very good speech. He was able to refute the points of the negative side. However, his speech was cut short due to time constraint (which is 6 minutes per speaker).

As the activity end, Mr. Gerard Sarmiento revealed the score 528 and 529 in favor of the BSA 3 debaters. But mind you, Yen, our second speaker emerged as the Best Debater.

All in all, we lost in the debate. Well that’s life; there are always a winner and a loser.

After (15 September 2006)

Hanzel told me the fishy side of the debate. (I won’t discuss it here.) But I would explicitly express my disappointment. It was very unlikely for such an authority to do that. Its not simply unfair; its also morale-breaking. I’m praying this won’t happen again.

Do I sound sour griping? Well, honesty yes. But I’m over that now; it’s just that it tend to be recurrent in my subconscious mind.

May all of us be treated and treat with justice!

Monday, October 02, 2006

bagyong Milenyo

Bagyong Milenyo caused me a lot of troubles (not to mention it's effect in Luzon).

First, I was unable to accomplish my tasks in Softpac and research1 as I have scheduled.
Second, I was unable to buy new set of secondhand books.
Third, I wasn't able to watch the finale of Majika.
Fourth, I was unable to research more for our related lit and studies in Letran...


Want one? Go to

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tagged: 20 things

I read this article in Wifely Steps and found it really interesting so I decided to write my answers too.

1. How often do you blog? At least once a week

2. Online Alias: niner

3. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew? Yes, when I was too annoyed by the stranger. It has something to do with the incompatibility of my aura with that of the stranger.

4. What do you do most often when you are bored? Read the novels I like most like Rosamunde Pilcher’s “Coming Home”

5. When bathing, which do you wash first? My lower extremities

6. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? Not yet! (I think i wont dare)

7. What color looks best on you? I dunno. I mean, I’m not sure, so I better not mention it.

8. What’s your favorite alcoholic drink? Cilento Redwine Von Rouge

9. Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death? Yes… it has something to do with how we do things as we savor the journey of life.

10. Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends? Definitely not… I still have more person to person interactions than I do online.

11. What was your favorite subject in school? In high school, I liked English. I liked studying English Literature and World Literature. In college, General Chemistry (9 units ako ditto... kinukuha ko uli ngayon dahil sa no. of units requirements)

12. Are you a perfectionist? Yes I am when it’s about practicalities.

13. Do you spend more than you can afford? I hardly do. I don’t like to live in debt. I not showy, anyway.

14. Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before? Yes it means you want happiness… better read St. Agustine and St. Thomas…*

15. Do you consider yourself creative? Yes. But not with everything.

16. Do you give yourself the credit you deserve? Of course not! That's too self-serving

17. Do you donate time or money to charities? Hhhhmmm… not in any particular event or time

18. Have you recently done something that you’ve criticized others for doing? Being a nitpicker… I’m getting too judgemental

19. What’s on your mind? Nothing beats telling the truth… Honesty is still the best policy.

20. Say one nice thing about the person who tagged you and the five people that you are going to tag. This question is irrelevant… anyways, I simply love Ms. Toni. I’m learning a lot while reading her blogs…

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Library-hopping: National library

13 September 2006, July's boarding house

I arrived at 7: 13a.m. and saw Sarah eating champorado. Liz, Karen, and yen were with July upstairs. Then came Hanzel, Love, and finally,Emy.

We boarded an ALPS Bus bound to Lawton. Thanks tosarah's friend who gave diection on howto reach the National Library! We arrived there at 10 am.

We logged or name in the receotion area and then fell in line to avail our respective library use ID worth 50 pesos. We proceeded to the Kiosk and search books, journals, news articles realted toour topics using the OPAC.

Zarah, July's friendship extended her help. We took our lunch at McDonald's. There we met Darrell and Angel (July's friends).

We were busier the whole afternoon scanning and skimming articles. Mind you, Sarah was so industriuos writing piles of related literatures and studies.

At five pm, we went to SM Manila and took our merienda-dinner. We commuted to Buendia thru LRT and met Love's ate before we finally rode a Bus bound to Batangas.

It was a tiring, yet, fun-filled experience! I am wondering when we will have another library-hopping.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Farewell tito Boy

Tito Boy, (left) during the 1999 Asia-Pacicif Defense Forum.

I did not personally met tito boy (Joselin Berdin Nazareno), but mama shared a lot of stories about him (they are first cousins); I only saw him on pictures, and on TV (when he was still AFP Chef).

Tita Diana informed us early yesterday (through text) that tito boy passed away around 4a.m. His remains is in the Evangelical Church in Camp Aguinaldo. The internment is on Tuesday.

I am sad for two reasons:
Fist, a family member died.

And second, I am also thinking of this event’s effect to my brother who looked up to tito boy.

But I am somehow glad coz tito boy will no longer suffer the pain caused by his liver cancer. This is God's grace... the extent of tito Boy's journey...

Farewell tito boy! May you rest in peace...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Library-hopping: De La Salle Lipa

The AB Pasaway’s library-hopping officially started yesterday. Our first destination was De La Salle Lipa. In compliance with the rule imposed by all members of Network CALABARZON Educational Institutions Library (I’ll verify this name), which is a maximum of five (5) researchers from a school at a time, we decide to have two shifts: one group in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. I initiated a draw lots to determine the buddies of the day.

The call time and meeting place agreed upon by the group (July, Karen, Love, Yen and I) was 7a.m. at July’s boarding house. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. but still came 17 minutes late. I attribute this on my being turtle-like, which I can’t get rid of when still dozy. Love, on the other hand, told July thru text that she will be unable to come with us due to money constraints. Karen was an early bird so as July. “Nakakahiya nga sa dalawa, buti na lang at may mabuti silang kalooban..”

It was almost 7:30 when July to texted Yen and asked her whereabouts. There were no replies. We decided to leave around 8a.m. We rode an ordinary ALPS bus and exchanged a few chat on the way to La Salle, where I am the one who do most of the queries. (The three of us were all sleepy)


1. I was overwhelmed with the very accommodating security guards of Lipa. They extended their help courteously.

2. The librarian and other library staff were all helpful. They made us feel at ease during our stay.

3. I wasn’t expecting that the La Sallista were noisy (as in really noisy) in the library. Walang bell at pagsitsit ng library staff kung masyado nang maingay ang library users, unlike here in FAITH.

4. I was disappointed to find out that La Salle Lipa Tertiary Learning Center have a few new (published in 2000 onwards) books in Psychology. I was expecting the exact opposite.

5. I am still baffled on why they still use the traditional borrower’s card and not an electronic (with bar code) when they already have an OPAC. Isn’t it a double effort?

Anyways, I am still contented with our visit in De La Salle Lipa library since we (July and I, also Karen) found some related literature for our respective thesis proposals! ^_^

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who are rich, who are poor?

Here is a story about the real essence of poverty. Sarah sent me this thru text.

One day a rich dad took his son on a trip. He wanted to show how poor some people can be. They spent time on the farm of a family considered to be poor.

On the way home dad asked “How’s the trip?”
“Great dad!”

“Did you see how poor some people can be?”
“What did you learn?”
“I saw we have a dog, they have four; we have a pool, they have an endless creek; at night we have fancy lantern, they have stars; we buy food, they grow theirs; we have walls for protection they have friends. Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are”

This tale made me ponder on three things:

First, poverty is not only the insufficiency of material needs, it can be emotional or spiritual scarcity where the latter is more threatening and greater loss. . A person may have all the luxuries in the world but still find himself hollow, empty and unhappy.

Second, Wealth is not only measured by money and other assets, but rather by the contentment, companionship and peace of mind that a person has and enjoys.

Lastly, being rich and poor is both objective (economic status per se)s and subjective (state of well- being). A person, then can be rich at a start of the day and poor as the day ends.

Now the question is: Are you rich or poor?

Cocktails with the president

There were 49 CCS graduating students who attended the first Cocktail with the president on 8 September 2006 at 6:30-9:00p.m. The theme was “Quo vadis”, a Latin phrase meaning “where are you going.” It suits us, a question that bothers us now more than ever.

As usual Sir Belen shared lots of thoughts to ponder, mostly based form his experience.
Here are the views that struck me most:

“If it doesn’t kill you, it’s bound to do you good.”

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal.”

“Self mastery includes self discipline and self reliance.”

“…we are strong because we are individually strong… the members give strength to the organization, It should not be the other way around...”

“Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.”


We took our seats though, but finger foods were served (so, the event ca still be justified as cocktail ^_^)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ora et labora

Here is an eye-opener story which Sir Mike shared to us during our Ethics class.

I saw a girl on the street, cold and shivering in a thin dress, and very evidently hungry.

I became angry with God and said,
“Why did you permit this? Why don’t you do something about it?”

That night I heard a small voice inside say,
“I did do something about it, I made you…What have you done about it?
(De Mello)

This article rings a bell of St. Paul's message "Prayer without action is quiet dead." (I forgot the passage)

The prayers we utter for the welfare of our brothers and sisters, especially the less fortunate ones, do not suffice; it do not give a concrete answer to problems.

Indeed, prayer is a powerful tool in our daily struggles. But prayer is not enough; it should go hand in hand with work.

The power of prayer is manifested by the actions we initiate. Let us all remember that each of us are God’s instrument in implementing his plans. It won’t hurt us if we pray and do some sacrifices as well. Every little act of goodness that a person can do matters a lot. If all of us will think like this there will surely be a difference--- a better result. This is like lighting a little candle which makes bright light in a rather dark room.

Let us start to be an advocate of Ora et labora (prayer and work) in our own ways.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A bit more sensitive

My bro, who is staying at V Luna for almost five months already, applied for a weekend pass effective 26 and 27 August. It was his first time to be back home since 31 March 2006. (It would be longer if only he did not take an AWOL). My grandma, who used to have siesta during those hours, patiently wait for my brother’s arrival.

My father and brother arrived home at 1p.m. They took their lunch while having our blah blahs. My brother showed me the plebes’ table manner during mess. After lunch, my mom and I unpacked his belongings. A while later, my bro showed me the way cadets shine their combat shoes which I found odd and time-consuming, though the results showed the difference from the usual shoe-shining procedure.

Around 2p.m. my bro got dressed and asked my father if he can go to Tanauan. It was granted; provide that he will be home at 7p.m.

So he went there. My mom gave him extra cash, or should I say, returned my bro’s cash.

3, 4, 5, 6p.m. I sent a text message to mana, reminding her that my bro should not stay there too late. 7, 8, 9p.m. I sent the same message though in different manner. 10, 11p.m. No reply. WE were clueless regarding my bro’s whereabouts. I went to bed, but tatay stayed up late or he may not even had an hour of sleep, mama didn’t have a sound sleep too.

I perceived the situation similar to our feelings last 30 May (when we were informed that my bro took an AWOL), sort of flashbacks of what happened and what we felt then. Mama told tatay that this was the consequence of having my bro’s pass at Calamba rather than in Novaliches. Her voice was shaky. I felt her disappointment. Honestly, I cried that night. My mother’s feelings were radiated to me. Thoughts hovered into my mind which included this:
“ if only Mana was sensitive enough, this won’t happen. If she only used her mind and did not jibe with my bro’s wishful ness my parents won’t have emotional anguish. If only Mana was sensitive enough that our family also long for my bro’s presence…”

I know my bro was accountable too. But I believe that if Mana was only a bit more sensitive, my bro may have been home as agreed; my parents may be happier and more content than what had happen.

I need to have a good talk with Mana one of these days. I like her, but if things like this continue (this was the second time already) it will be another matter, I may totally despise her. It’s obvious that for me “its family first”, partly because it’s what I strongly believe as just and partly because I consider my parents health conditions.

She should heed this for us to be in good terms at all times. Pakialamerang ate ba? Aba’y sadya. Kelangan eh!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Our last topic in Ethics before the midterm exam was Aristotle’s telos. The discussion was rather fast than the usual. We even asked sir Mike, our ethics professor, not to include the said topic; but our request was denied. :’(

As usual, I doodled a lot during the class. This time, I didn’t simply draw lines and irregular shapes but rather made an article related to telos.

Since telos pertain to human end or purpose, I made a list of what I assume as the "Telos of AB Pasaway."

* To get a non-zero score in quizzes
* To pass major exams (with July as our role model)
* To have an archive filled with our own pix (mostly are taken by Karen)
* To get acquainted and make a lot of friends in all walks of life
* To edit our respective friendster accounts 70 times 7
* To have and maintain a romantic relationship
* To have quality time with each other (tamang tambay, tamang gala)
* To be who we really are at all times (hobbies: tumawa, magtakutan,)

I will ask my friends to vote at most three telos form the list. I will tally the votes to came up with an agreed upon three telos of the AB Pasaway. On the other hand, additional telos is welcome.

(the right to vote is exclusive to AB Pasaway )

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A reminder for all commuters

I was caught in heavy traffic many times already ─ the latest occurred last night ─ and I’m sure that you also do. Heavy traffic isn’t new; it’s been there and is getting worse through time (my parents attest to this). Every commuter is affected whether you drive your own car or use the public means of transportation. For the past three years, I perceive heavy traffic as an inevitable part of my daily travel to and fro home and school. Am I committing hasty generalization? I don’t think so. Try to recollect the way you commute five years ago and compare it with your current travel experiences, isn’t it a proof for my statement?

I won’t delve on the causes and possible solutions to this commuters’ concern (I’m not in the position to do so), but rather give some hints that will help minimize the annoyance it brings.

I came up with this “Commuters’ must have” base on my own daily travel experiences.
* Reserve money. In case you decide to resort to cutting trip. Good for you if you find a way out.
* Candies, chocolates, biscuits (yup! snacks). Its wa poise to eat while commuting, but its better to divert your attention on food than to get stressed thinking of when you’ll get to your destination. I don’t advice drinking lots of water or soft drinks or you’ll feel the need to pee at the wrong time.
* Fan or a piece of card board. Something handy to cool your otherwise hot head.
* Full-charged cellphone, ipod, mp3/4, walkman (still in use). Nothing beats music trip in killing the time. Remember to be cautious while using your gadgets, it may be snatched from you.
* Extra hanky. Useful in covering your face when you can’t help yourself but doze a little. Just be sure that you don’t snore or bang your head to the one sitting beside you.

I assume that commuters like me regularly bring the items I mentioned. ─ Some of you may even have additional items for this “commuters must have” May I ask you to share it here? ─ So I better assert that this article serves as a reminder for all commuters that “IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF A SITUATION, THEN DEAL WITH IT!”

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The library is already closed

I have set in my mind that I will borrow three psychology books after I take my midterm exam in Chemistry at 5:30 p.m. But Alas! the library is already closed. Jen Dinglasan informed me about the said matter when she heard my plan (we were then at the second floor of Mabini Hall).

I was and is very disappionted. I should borrowed those psychology books when July and I were still busy burying our heads with our respective works around 2 p.m.

Well, thats life. Things don't always come the way I/We want it. I have made my choice (of not heeding my instinct) and here's the consequence I should accept.

Here I am, searching on-line articles (and doing this blog on the side) to compensate for my shortcomings. But honestly, I am still annoyed, its because I have two whole days for my self: tomorrow, which is a sunday, and August 21, a special non-working holiday. I may be able to do a lot for our thesis proposal chapter 1 if I got in hand those books ... *Sigh*

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Folding a lab gown

31 July 2006, Chemistry laboratory class

I was 15 minutes late on my Abnormal Psychology class. I immediately packed my things mindless of whether or not my lab gown was bulky on my shoulder bag.

I was unaware that Erick was intently watching me until he uttered “ate Renin, let me fold your lab gown.”

I turned down his offered out of shame and because it is time-consuming to unpack, fold, and pack again my lab gown (which Emy lend me). But Erick was so persistent, so I gave in. He told me that there’s a fast and yet uncomplicated way of folding a lab gown.

Here’s how:
1. Fasten the button nearest the neckline.
2. Fold the lab gown lengthwise with the center front inside. Make sure that the left and right shoulder line and hemline are aligned.
3. Horizontally fold the lab gown starting from the bodice to the hemline. This makes three fold.
4. Fold vertically (optional)

The procedure mentioned is indeed easier than the way of folding which I used to adapt. I'm sure I'll be using this procedure more often.

This experience reminded me that being organized starts with doing simple things systematically. Besides, a person becomes more efficient if he is organized at all times.

Thesis proposal:working topic


We would like to thank Hanzel for the sound advice while we are still choosing our topic.

Now, our struggle will be a level higher and more difficult --- writing chapter 1. Its the most critical part for us. But we can make with a lot of effort, wit and guts!

Kaya natin 'to July! ^_^

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Today is a special day! My email add is now on its third year. Let me tell you how it was conceived.

Niner is the reverse form of my name, Renin. Paula, a good friend of mine, gave me this nick name way back 1999 (we were first year high school studes then). I can’t remember how she came up with this. But I can clearly visualize my bliss upon knowing this tag. Some of my friends started to call me niner since then.

727 reminds me of July 27, 2003. The date is memorable because it of my “first” that happened that day. Here they are.

* It was the first time I went home from school at 9pm. I attended a “Pluma: creative writing workshop” which was organized by the school publication editorial board.

* It was the first time I came to know Ulango, the boundery of Calamba and Tanauan. Due to the heavy traffic from Tanaun to Sto. Tomas, that resulted form the red alert security raised by the AFP and PNP, the jeepney driver decided to take the Ulango-Calamba route.

* It was the first time I was caught in a traffic caused by a mutiny. Let me remind you that Oakwood mutiny occurred on this date.

* It was the first time I have a good chat with Engr. Robert de Luna* who happened to be my co-passenger.

I chose to have an email add that rings a bell to me whenever I use it. Niner727 fitted and still fits this! ^_^


* Engr. Robert de Luna is a professor her in FAIth from AY2003-2004 to AY 2005-2006.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Thesis proposal: changed topic

Ms. Jen announced that submission our respective final topics for Research1 are due today. Murmurs filled the Psych lab for a minute or two, then silence. We can’t and didn’t raise an appeal or we’ll be behind schedule. This is a no! no! because the due date of Chapter 1 is before midterm exams

But before we complied, I asked Ms. Jen if she can help us determine the more feasible research topic between our two choices. She agreed. So, July and I immediately went to her desk and presented our two choices:



She commented that both assertiveness and self regard is incorporated in the intrapersonal skills. She implied that we better have intrapersonal skill as our independent variable. We accepted, knowing that doing so will be helpful in terms of gathering related literature and studies. She also reminded us to complete the W’s in writing the research topic. July and I came up with this:


The rest of the class consulted Ms. Jen before they wrote their topics in the master list. Before I jot down our research topic, I requested July to show our edited topic first. It was then that a conflict rose. Our topic is similar to Yen and Karen’s topic. Ms. Jen told us (July and I) to change our topic. She suggested something about birth order. At first I was annoyed. But the feeling easily subsided. I then wrote a topic similar to the one I had last June 20.
So here’s our new topic:


July and I talked about it. Why do we have to change topic, so and so... Sort of sour grapping. Then July uttered, “I believe that God has a purpose.” I was enlightened. I decided to set aside my negative feeling.

Class was dismissed.

I was attending to Emy’s concern when Yen approached me. I told her, " I don’t need your explanation. I can’t do anything about it. July and I have a topic already. I don’t want to dwell on this matter anymore."

I became mean, or rude in taking my side because Yen kept on trying to speak her side which I don’t want to hear anymore. As I have said earlier, I don’t want to dwell on this matter anymore. I shut my mouth to end the discussion.

To my astonishment, Emy cried as Yen walked out of the scene (and talked to Karen).
I asked her. “Why are you crying?”
She answered in between sobs “Coz you were arguing.”
I let her cry for a moment and explained that we’re not really arguing, Yen simply wanted to speak her side which I also simply don’t want to hear anymore.

My friends were actually too affected or should I say, they were emphatic to me and July. I am thankful for that. But to leave this stuff behind ---to bury the hatchet and not to repress it --- is the best thing to do.

The rest is history.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I need a break!

I am too exhausted memorizing this and that for our Industrial Psychology and Office Software Packages prelim exams.
*Sigh!* You read it write, I AM MEMORIZING! I'm trapped i a rote learning routine both by chance and by choice. I am not comfortable with cramming, but I can't do anything about that now. I'll do my best next term so I'll not catch myself dead in a situation like this.

Now, all I need is a break! I have been thinking that if I will not pause for a while, all my neurons will drain. So here I am having a break by writing this entry and blog hopping on the side.

Anyway, I have a brief talk with kuya Marvin (a library staff whom I consider a buddy) a couple of minutes ago.

I asked him the title and the writer of today’s young blood article.
ABC. --- La Salle.” He promptly answered.

He threw a query right after answering me. “ Ba’t di ka sumlat?”
I replied “ Feel ko, di ako ganun kagaling para magpasa ng article eh!”
"Sumulat ka, tapos pabasa mo sakin" he said.

Kuya Marvin's encouragement rekindled my long-time dream of having one of my article published in the Young Blood column. I think nothing’s wrong if I gave it a try. I guess its about time for me to set aside my neurotic thoughts of being rejected. What I have to do now (as in ASAP) is to grab an interesting topic and burn my brows while scribbling my pen and pad. Who knows this may give me a break... ^_^

I gotta go and continue reviewing or should I say cramming!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thesis proposal: Step one

The class’ consensus on our Research1 (Thesis Proposal) session last June 20, is to have a thesis by dyad. We decided to use the draw lots methods to determine our other-half with exemption to are Cel and Jen who asserted to be a pair and to Love and Chester who were both absent. Here are the six pairs: ate Cel and jen, Chester and Love, Emy and Liz, Hanzel and Sarah, July and Renin, and Karen and Yen.

Ms. Jen Semaña, our professor, emphasized that it is our discretion to have either descriptive or experimental thesis as long as we are really interested with the topic we’re going to study. She mentioned that her decision is in opposition to Sir Dan’s* request to impose experimental research. After her short narrative, she told us to sit beside our partner --- which we immediately did --- and then asked each of us to write at least three thesis title with their corresponding explanation. We raised an appeal to do it in the next meeting but our request was denied. We spent less than an hour thinking, thinking, and thinking of thesis topics. Some of my classmates were able to beat the required number of thesis titles; others even exceeded it, and few who did not.

I was able to come up with only two proposed titles. The first one is “The correlation of birth order and separation anxiety to the academic performance of First year college students.” The other on is “The correlation of birth order and communication style in the interpersonal relationship to grade school students.” I find these two topics uninteresting, so I told July that we better we’ll study the one she proposed entitled “why is it hard to break bad habits?” I just added two independent variables and one dependent variable and came up with a two (2) by two (2) factorial design thesis proposal entitled “ Effects of affirmation and appraisal in the motivation of students in breaking their bad habits” We’ll study the effects of affirmation and appraisal independently and their interaction, if there is any.

Though decided with our topic, we still need to resolve the three shortcomings we’ve identified. First, we have to find more theories and related studies that will guide us in the manipulation and control of our variables. Second, we need to identify the specific bad habit that will serve as our dependent variable. We are choosing between smoking and drinking. Lastly, we need to find a valid test that will measure our construct. I think this is the most tedious part.

I am aware that every moment counts. This one should always be inculcated in our coconut shell since the submission of chapter 1 will be before the midterm exam. Awe should exert a lot of effort to meet the deadline.

I know we’ll make it with God’s help!

“Kaya namin to ni July! Kaya naming AB Pasaway to!

* Sir Dan is the Psychology Dept. chair person form Nov. 2004 - June 2006. he resigned to live a life in London.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sa isip ko hinahabi at iginigiit

Ikaw na pilit sumisiksik sa aking isipan,
bugso ng damdamin na pilit kong iwinawaglit,
ipinagwawalang-bahala at iniiwasan.
Bakit ayaw mong umalis kahit na isang saglit?

Ikaw na pilit sumisiksik sa aking isipan,
Hindi ka ba mapagsabihan at sadyang makulit?
Tahasan nang di pinapansin at tinatakasan,
nariyan parin, nananatili, pumipilipit.

Ikaw na pilit sumisiksik sa aking isipan,
Di ka ba titigil hanggang ituring ka na langit
ng puso kong ginugulo ng mga alinlangan,
at pangamba na ako’y mabibigo lamang ulit.

Ikaw na pilit sumisiksik sa aking isipan,
tuwing ikaw ay nariyan ako ay nanliliit,
sapagkat batid ko na isa ka lang kalokohan
na sa isip ko hinahabi at iginigiit.

Monday, June 26, 2006

First day cry

On our first Ethics class meeting, sir Mike gave this situation: You and your 19 friends are splunking in a cave on the ocean. Your friend July gets stuck in the cave opening. The tide is rising. If you don’t get July through the opening, everyone (except July, whose head is outside the cave) will drown. Fortunately, you do have some dynamite with you. Should you blow July out of the entrance to save everyone else?"

Most of my classmates answered that they consider what is good more the many. They will choose to blow July to save the rest of the group. I aslo have the same stand. I added that if its possible I won't directly hit July. In this way I will be able to save my 17 friends and still have a possibility of saving July's life. Sir Mike made face. So I repeated my stand with further explanation. I was carried away that I cried. My friends laughed, Hanzel told me that I'm really a cry baby. Well, Indeed I am.

Yen suggested that I write an article regarding this matter with the title "First day cry" a mimic for rexona's "First day high" hehehe! here it is.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Speedy detour

I've been too busy this past two weeks with three paper works: Land dispute in Principles of Economics, Technical Report in Technical Writing, and Module-making in Group Dynamics. *Sigh!* These consumed a lot of my time and energy; but I am not feeling too bad becuase I do my works with my ever-supportive friends and classmates. I also learned new things in my everyday struggle while imparting myself in these tasks.

I am glad to share here my new experiences. I now know where DARPO Batangas is located. Karen Liz and I went there on Match 20 to aks for a land dispute, luckily Ms.Criselda Ilagan, Legal Officer I extended to us her help. Karen, Love and I went there again this afternoon and asked for a certification letter. We bought a cake for her as our token of appreciation. Karen noticed, An dI agree, that the place relieves the pain we have while we are still on the place. We are wondering why. Coincidence? I don't know.

I am now aware who do assigned tasks promptly and whole-heartedly. Honestly, I am astonished that Sarah does her tasks ahead of time. she really has changed, and its good for her and for our group. Chester is also demanding articles to encode, yes! you read it right, he is very willing to spend time to encode. Jen is also doing her part, but I think I would be more glad if she exert extra effort and spend more time doing the drafts with the rest of the gang instead of being an eskapo. Hanzel is great as ever. He dependable specially on the mathematical aspect of our tehnical report. We are trying our best to fininsh this on saturday (but ofcourse! the due of submission is on the 27th at 10 a.m.)

Golly! I am getting haywire regarding our pracrtical exam in Group Dynamics. I am praying and setting my mind to facilitate the seminar smoothly, though I must admit that there will be some gap and lapse. I beleive I can do this! I must because this is our final exam.

Gotta go! I need to stop detouring and be back on the straight track.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Strolling and t-shirt repair

Hanzel, Emy, Yen and I have a hearty merienda (it's just that the waitress was so annoying). After eating, Hanzel went back to school to attend Bee jay's concern, while the three of us girls went to Tanauan City Market to have our JRHS shirt repaired.

The dressmaker informed us that the job will be accomplished after 30 minutes, so we decided to kill the time by strolling. We walked and shared a good laugh while Yen was busy looking for a stall that offers christening souvenirs at a very low price. Yen was blest to find one. We bought kikiam with hot sauce and have chat more before claiming the shirts. We saw ate Jo-Ann on our way home.

Yen and and Emy walk on their way back to Darasa, while I went straight to the Crossing bound- Jeepney stop.

This is a nice and simple bonding moment worth cherishing

Thursday, March 16, 2006

FSC election 2006

I went to school early because I have a duty on the Voting precint at 9 a.m. I was assigned at the Voter's ID desk from 9 to10 a.m. and 2:30- 6p.m. I liked the job (this was also my assignment last year) because I to knew and interacted with lots of First Asians of different personality types.

There were few incident reports; the common is the occurence of invalid ID. Thank God the MIS personnel worked out the concern promptly.

The faculty witness were Ms. Atienza and Engr. Bailon, while the pollwatchers were Onel (LEAD), and Doods and Jerome (ADVOCATES).

We ate our dinner, which Christian and Rosemarie bought at KFC, at the lobby beside the ASEAN garden. We bid our good byes at 9 p.m.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A bait called temptation

I reached Mary Help of Christian Parish a couple of minutes before the 4:30 p.m. mass started last March 5. Ifm glad I made it --- at last! I am able to actualize my resolve for my 20th birthday, which is to be on time for the mass. What made my effort extra special is that it happened on the first Sunday of Lent; a timely refresher for me as I repent for my sins.

The gospel was Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11). In the Homily, Fr. Ante stressed that temptation is not the sin but rather giving in to temptation is the sin. He shared this story to further explain this:

Once there was an eagle that soars high in the sky. One day he saw a cat carrying a tin can while walking.
The eagle approached the cat and asked "What is inside that tin can?"
"Oh! I have here little brown worms for fishing." answered the cat.
"Can I have some?" the eagle asked.
The cat was quiet for a while and replied "I will give you some worms in one condition."
The eagle looked puzzled but let the cat continue.
"You will give me one of your feathers for each worm I give you."
The eagle agreed and said "Give me three worms and here, in return, are my three feathers."
The cat smiles as he collected the feathers and gave the eagles three worms.
It was a hearty meal for the eagle, but he felt that it was not enough so he asked for more and more worms until he ther is no more feathers left on his body. The eagle eventually died.
The cat then called his friend cats and has a festive meal --- which is the dead greedy eagle.

Fr. Ante is right, we commit a sin only, and if only, we gave in to temptation. Temptation remains a temptation as long as we don't entertain it. Jesus Christ was also tempted but he remained firm with his stand. I think it is just for me to contemplate on this matter frequently so I would be able to live a better and more righteous life --- a christ-centered life. How about you?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My 20th birthday

My mama woke me at 5 a.m. and greeted me a happy birthday. My tatay greeted me and left the house (bibili siguro ng panghanda) Duh! I am 20 years old, teen-no-more and chronologically an adult. *Whew!*

Today is an ordinary and sunny day, its jsut that I am a year older. I shouldn't care much since I don't look my age (kapal ko!). People around me, excluding my AB Pasaway friends, don't make a big deal out of my opposing age and physique, they understand that its in my Lagrio genes.

I attended my classes propmtly as usual. We rechecked our Semi-final exam in Rizal and exchange views about PD 1017. Our professor in PrinEco announced the Top 3 high scorers in the exam ( I ranked 2nd) and distribute our test papers. After a while, Dan informed the Ms. Lea that its my birthday. I heard someone meow and guessed that its Sarah. My AB Pasaway friends greeted me in their own way and later gave me a stuff toy.I didn't expect it. Karen, who is seated beside me, went back from the front row carrying a medium-size bench paper bag. She place it in my armchair and uttered "Galing sa boyfriend mo." I looked at her, I was baffled for I don't have a boyfriend, and I never thought that its a gift.
" Galing nga sa boy friend mo... para sayo yan... galing samin.." I slowly opened it. Presto! a cute orange pussy stuff toy. Karen pressed its belly and a loud meow echoed in the room. The stuff toy's belly was pressed couple of times which made the class laugh. From now on, my new stuff toy will be called PASAWAY.

I was teary eyed. I am touched; but I am afraid that my expression didn't show what I really feel at the moment. Let me emphasize that I AM THANKFUL, very thankful. I can't remember how many times I gave them thanks.My friends made my 20th birthday extra special. They destressed me and turned my gloomy day a glowing one. It feels good, honest!

Ms. Lea dismissed the class early, but the AB Pasaway and some BSHRM 3 remained. Picture-taking, laughing and shouting or what I call AB Pasaway fun followed. Once again, thank you AB Pasaway! I really appreciate it!

My deepest thanks to the other people who greeted me and made my date colorful.Thank you,thank you, thank you to Jhim, Yvette, Leovic, Ms. Maro, COMELEC family, Lynel, Jen D.....mwuah...mwuah...mwuah!

Friday, March 03, 2006


I am a year older tomorrow. I am no longer a teen...

It made me sad. I guess I'll heed Loveleen's advice "Use twenTEEN if they'll ask your age..."

I already used it when Lynel greeted me yesterday and asked my age...heheheheeheheh!!! It made the two of us,togehter with Jen, laugh out loud!

I think I'll be using this more often for I don't feel that I am over the teen age. I feel I'm only 12 summers and actually looks like one... But ofcourse I think my age.

Monday, February 27, 2006



I made a wrong move last friday, 24 February.
I should have controled myself.
I should have not asked in Filipino.
I should have not reacted.
I should have ignored Hanzel’s remark.

But I did otherwise.
I lose control.
I asked in Filipino.
I reacted.
I gave in to Hanzel’s remark.

I was asked to render a song as a consequence.
I disclosed that I don’t memorize song lyrics.
I told the class that I only listen to music.
I informed them that I am a self-confessed non-singer.
I admit that I am not blest with a singing voice.

I asked my friends help.
They lend a hand in choosing a song I somehow know.
They rally around in giving me the lyrics of Jordan Hill’s Remember me this way.
They gave me moral support.

Hanzel announced that I am ready.
They gave me encouragements.
They yell my positive traits.
They made around of applause.
And they holler as they declare that I am not singer!

I sing off-pitched...

The song reminded Ms. Atienza of the Casper.

Every now and thenWe find a special friendwho never lets us down...

I'll make a wish for you,and hope it will come true,if life will just be kind,to such a gentle mind,if you lose your way, think back on yesturdayremember me this way,remember me this way....

“But please, don’t remember me this way.” I told the class.
I went back to my seat.
I am ashamed of myself.

But I imparted in the class high-level of humor…
It’s just that I was the subject of fun.....

* Note: i am not the only one who have rendered asong in our Technical Writing class...

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This is my second year as a FAITH COMELEC volunteer. *whew!* (I never thought that I would reach this far.) I am enjoying every minute I spend in our temporary office (COMELEC is an ad hoc committee).

I love what I do; and I am thankful to have good and supportive co-volunteers. The tasks I do seem more of a comradship formation rather than a completion of the" to do's" expected on us as the election approaches.

Since the division of the Commission on Documentation and Finance into two, a big change in my description took effect. I no longer do the minutes of the meeting. *sniff* ( I like doing that pa naman) As a volunteer assigned to the Commission on Correspondence, I do the encoding, but not much encoding. Thanks to Raegan Capuno, our Head commissioner, who extends his helping hands. Honestly, the task is a matter of cut-copy-paste of the previous year's election memos and letters. I exert a lot of effort on disseminating the corresopondences to the concerned individuals. This job gives me the oportunity to interract with different types od people within the FAITH community. It also enable me to have some chat with my crush, who is an org president. hehehehehe!

By the way, the candidates will have the photo op on wednesday. I gotta go, I am apt to make the announcement...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Its now or never

I was moved by the January 9 Blog-O-Rama article Ruth on professional blogging. It was informative and inspiring. However, I felt inferior and a low-gut writer after reading the whole article. Well, I think I really am!.

This irony left me pondering about my blog entries and writing style. It reminded me of my age-long problem in writing which is the lack of emotional appeal. I can not figure why I have less emotionally appealing articles, though the topics I wrote and is writing interest me. Honestly, I do not know the root of my problem, and this bothers me a lot. I should do something NOW or never find it out!

I, then, made a resolve to make a more heart-felt articles and to improve my craft. How? I still do not know. All I can grasp is that I will surely find it hard. This is a big challege that will surely call a lot of effort and time. But I really am willing to make a change and improvement in my writing career, so time and effort is not a big deal at all.

First thing first. I am apt to browse pile of books to review the rules on English grammar. Practice will follow. I will be using lots of scratch papers to draft, edit, revise and rewrite my writings. Whew!!!

Tiresome. Indeed! But I know that it is no other than but me who wil benefit in the end. I need to materialize this one for a future inferior-no-more Renin. I will make it a habit to say to myself:Everything is worth it Renin!

Monday, January 09, 2006

DAn and the Pasaway

"An ordinary day such, as yesterday, turns out ot be an extraordinary one when spent with friends."

It was not planned, but it materialized, and turned out to be almost perfect! July, Liz, Karen, and Love were the ones who initiated the gathering during our PrinEco class. Dan was also invited. Mind you, Dan was host of the bonding moments. I was, at first, hesitant, but later opted to join; Hanzel and Emy also did. Jen did not come with us, while, Yen, whose pregnant, obviously did not to come.
Darwin, Eric, and Jenn were also among us.

July, Liz, Karen, and Love went to the market and prepared our lunch. Pwede na nga mag-asawa, lalo na si July na magaling mag-luto. I volunteered to wash the dishes. A couple of minutes after my wet session in the lavatory, they started the inuman. I did not took part in the tomaan because I have planned to buy my and Emy's gift for the Peer Counsellor's party after the said get-together . I do not want to ruin that plan; I ended as a mere spectator. "O sige na nga, Kill-joy na kung kill-joy ang tawag sa mga gaya ko."

As an spectator, I have observed the following:

1. Di nagchaser si Eric
2. Magaling na tanggera si Love
3. Nagyoyosi na pala lately si Liz
4. namumula agad ang mga AB_Pasaway after a shot
5. Grabe! namula ang buong katawan ni Hanzel
6. Ang daldal ng bawat isa, talagang mga pasaway
7. Nauna pang naubos yung snacks kesa sa brandy
8. Naging masaya ang inuman nila

I left the place, at 5:30p.m., ahead of the group, and went straight to Walter Mart-Calamba.

I do not have any regrets for going with Dan and therest of the Pasaway because I had fun and I really enjoyed every minute of my stay with them.

The question that keeps on tickling my nutshell is this: "Kelan kaya mauulit ang simple yet memorable moment like this? Soon?... Hope so!"

Note: Sayang di namin kasama si Sarah...

DAn and the Pasaway

"An ordinary day such, as yesterday, turns out ot be an extraordinary one when spent with friends."

It was not planned, but it materialized, and turned out to be almost perfect! July, Liz, Karen, and Love were the ones who initiated the gathering during our PrinEco class. Dan was also invited. Mind you, Dan was host of the bonding moments. I was, at first, hesitant, but later opted to join; Hanzel and Emy also did. Jen did not come with us, while, Yen, whose pregnant, obviously did not to come.
Darwin, Eric, and Jenn were also among us.

July, Liz, Karen, and Love went to the market and prepared our lunch. Pwede na nga mag-asawa, lalo na si July na magaling mag-luto. I volunteered to wash the dishes. A couple of minutes after my wet session in the lavatory, they started the inuman. I did not took part in the tomaan because I have planned to buy my and Emy's gift for the Peer Counsellor's party after the said get-together . I do not want to ruin that plan; I ended as a mere spectator. "O sige na nga, Kill-joy na kung kill-joy ang tawag sa mga gaya ko."

As an spectator, I have observed the following:

1. Di nagchaser si Eric
2. Magaling na tanggera si Love
3. Nagyoyosi na pala lately si Liz
4. namumula agad ang mga AB_Pasaway after a shot
5. Grabe! namula ang buong katawan ni Hanzel
6. Ang daldal ng bawat isa, talagang mga pasaway
7. Nauna pang naubos yung snacks kesa sa brandy
8. Naging masaya ang inuman nila

I left the place, at 5:30p.m., ahead of the group, and went straight to Walter Mart-Calamba.

I do not have any regrets for going with Dan and therest of the Pasaway because I had fun and I really enjoyed every minute of my stay with them.

The question that keeps on tickling my nutshell is this: "Kelan kaya mauulit ang simple yet memorable moment like this? Soon?... Hope so!"

Note: Sayang di namin kasama si Sarah...

DAn and the Pasaway

"An ordinary day such, as yesterday, turns out ot be an extraordinary one when spent with friends."

It was not planned, but it materialized, and turned out to be almost perfect! July, Liz, Karen, and Love were the ones who initiated the gathering during our PrinEco class. Dan was also invited. Mind you, Dan was host of the bonding moments. I was, at first, hesitant, but later opted to join; Hanzel and Emy also did. Jen did not come with us, while, Yen, whose pregnant, obviously did not to come.
Darwin, Eric, and Jenn were also among us.

July, Liz, Karen, and Love went to the market and prepared our lunch. Pwede na nga mag-asawa, lalo na si July na magaling mag-luto. I volunteered to wash the dishes. A couple of minutes after my wet session in the lavatory, they started the inuman. I did not took part in the tomaan because I have planned to buy my and Emy's gift for the Peer Counsellor's party after the said get-together . I do not want to ruin that plan; I ended as a mere spectator. "O sige na nga, Kill-joy na kung kill-joy ang tawag sa mga gaya ko."

As an spectator, I have observed the following:

1. Di nagchaser si Eric
2. Magaling na tanggera si Love
3. Nagyoyosi na pala lately si Liz
4. namumula agad ang mga AB_Pasaway after a shot
5. Grabe! namula ang buong katawan ni Hanzel
6. Ang daldal ng bawat isa, talagang mga pasaway
7. Nauna pang naubos yung snacks kesa sa brandy
8. Naging masaya ang inuman nila

I left the place, at 5:30p.m., ahead of the group, and went straight to Walter Mart-Calamba.

I do not have any regrets for going with Dan and therest of the Pasaway because I had fun and I really enjoyed every minute of my stay with them.

The question that keeps on tickling my nutshell is this: "Kelan kaya mauulit ang simple yet memorable moment like this? Soon?... Hope so!"

Friday, January 06, 2006

Double trole

I guess I'm not so lucky today. I got two evident injuries between eight and nine a.m.
Clumsy? yeah right, but claim this to be pure accident. Plain and simple.

The first one is a swelling on my forehead. I immediately poured water on my toes upon entering the bathroom only to notice that I forgot to bring my shampoo and conditioner. So I went out of the bathroom, got what I need and tip-toed back. Unfortunately, I slipped to my back. Presto! a swelling and short-cut forehead. I actuallly called my mom and asked her to give me a coin. I pressed the coin onto my forehead to prevent swelling. I also applied hot compress. Pero wa epek. halata parin ang bukol.

After applying the hot compress, I resume to my business. I continued doing my letter box. But it was cut short; my left thumb was slightly burned by the hot glue stick, leaving a small, white blister. It really hurts! Malas ko naman ngayon!

Anyway, the two incidents reminded me to be more careful in whatever I do.. Ano pa nga ba and dapat kong gawin, di ba? Nakakahiya...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Gaspy in Love

It is seldom for a student to have a good talk with his or her professor. So, every opportunity given is worth cherishing.

On December 19, Mrs. Gaspy and I talked about almost everything under the sun. She actually did most of the talking, pausing only to hear my queries.

Here are the thoughts he shared, or should i say, the thoughts that lingers in my mind.

"A relationship works well if the man loves more than the woman does."

"Love is not blind, and lovers do not mind."

"Men are born to love. Women are born to please."

I hope that I'll have another good talk with Ma'am Gaspy...soon!