Saturday, July 30, 2005

Iam back to business

I arrived at around two o' clock, went upstairs to look for Ercick Savadera to remit the Scholar society's raffle promo ticket that was assigned to me together with the stubs. I easily found him so as the other first year studes at the library corridor. To my surprise I received warm congratulatory greetings. They informed me that I won second place in the 5's essay writng contest. I am glad and contented.

Now that question that baffles me is whether I will be back to business or not.

Any suggestion?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

25 on the 25th

Jen and I talked about her birthday on October 25 and her Eyeball with Brady on that same day. I listened first then gave some insights, which I prefer not to write here anymore to respect her privacy. Anyways our chat, even though the same topic as before since June 28, was lively and still flicker interest in me. I don't need to tell how hooked Jen is since it is her lovelife that i am refering to.

I love our exchanged of thoughts and enjoyed walking. Ooopppsss! We gaited, that is something I should emphasize.

We kept on talking and talking and talking even when our mouth were full of spaghetti, Hawaiian pan pizzza, and Garlic bread. U huh, we dined at Greenwich. Our order number was 25. I glanced at some one 25 times ( Iam not kidding). But we stayed there longer than 25 minutes.

July 25 then is the same routinary tuesday that offered something different for me, and I hope to Jen too. ^_^

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Its been so long

“What time is it Emy?”
Emy took her cellular phone and said “5:18pm.”
I tapped her arm chair and uttered “I like to eat kikiam. It’s been so long since I last ate some of it.”
“So do I.”
she replied.

Silence followed. We were both absorbed by the explanations given by our professor o Article III of the Philippine Constitution, attentive and eager on every minute detail about the Bill of rights.

Then the class was dismissed. Students evaporated either in pairs or in groups. All AB Psychology students went down stairs, the girls directly to the ladies room while Hanzel went to the gents’.

I tried to convince Emy, Jen and Leiz to have our merienda before we go home but they declined. I then shrugged and abandoned the idea since it was drizzling.

Jen and I left the two who are bound for Lipa city. We met Chester on the way. He informed us that he’s going to accompany somebody on the way home.
“So that’s why you’re happy, huh!” I concluded. He smiled then went his way.

I once again persuaded jen to eat kikiam at Tanauan crossing before we part ways. She gave in this time. We were chatting while walking and were about to cross the street when Jen halted. I also stopped and looked sideways to her.

“Sherwin!” she called. The man did pause with a big smile pasted on his face which made his slit eyes too small.

Sherwin asked where Jen is going. The latter did not answer the former’s query but rather invited him to join the two of us. He refused and insisted that they take the tricycle in going home.

With out any second thought, I told Jen to go home with Sherwin at that very moment.
“It’s been so long since you last saw each other.” I added to let them go.

Before doing so, Jen introduced his friend and I to each other. We exchanged glances and smiles. Sherwin waved his left hand. I did not, or should I say, I could not because I carried loads on both hands. Then and there I told myself “Oh my God, he got expressive eyes. Very attractive gateway to one’s soul.”

I turned my back to them and found my way to the kikiam stall where I figured out that Sherwin looks like Brenan of PPS. I am wondering if he also sings well. I’ll definitely find it out. Soon… Iam hoping we’ll exchange pleasantries next time we met.

Alexander the great

It was a bright and sunny morning on July 14. I took the bus on my way to school with my brother. We were both searching for a vacant seat and I was lucky to find one before my brother did. The man seated on my left carried his bag then asked me if I am going to school. I answered yes then looked at him. He was blind! He then asked my name and I asked his. He is Alexander.

Alexander is as big as the 27th US president, William Howard Taft and is 21 years old. He told me that he was blind since birth. He is the eldest of three siblings and the only single and able. He travels every day to and fro Pasay city where he work as a massager. He is residing with his parents at Lucena city. The proximity of his workplace is never a hindrance, he said. What is important for him is that he is well-rewarded by what he loves doing.

Between each questions and answers, He keep on telling me that he'll pray for me. He strongly believe I'll make my dreams come true. He uttered that all I need is to pray to God.

He really is great, right? Honestly, I was not able to tell him goodluck while we were seated side by side, but I was able to silently pray to God for his safety and happiness.

I am pretty sure that the day I have with Alexander would forever be my source of inspiration and strength for reasons I still find ahrd to grasp.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Thoughts to ponder

A woman beside me in the jeepney bound for Tanauan have a book in her lap. I intently looked at it with much eagerness. The book is all about breads and bakery.

The book rung an interest in me but the quotation written on its backcover stuck me more. Here it is " A life without mistakes is a life without lessons." It made me think then ponder even after I took the bus in Turbina. I thought that we do learn from our errs. Nothing, then, is to be ashamed of whenever we make mistakes. There really are lessons behind in every mistakes we make.

The book reminded me of Oscar Wilde's quotation " Experience is the name we give to our mistakes." I have pondered this thought for more than twice before. I expounded it the way I interpreted the quotation above.

Tell me if I am just taking the two quotations as a confirmation bias, but I think that the purpose of the existence of mistakes or errs is to inculcate certain lesson in each of us.

I hope I put this thought into a piece just on time. Is my realization too late? Hope not.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Smile keeps on smiling

I always look forward for tuesdays and thursday since the start of this semester, pulling every hour and boredly counting every minute until its 2:30. Oui! I do love the subject Humanities and Art appreciation not because it interest me but rather the ambiance make me still.

I admit it is sir Smile's smiles that I do love. It is his smiles that made me bear One-and -a half hours of non-stop discussion. His smiles alleviate the boredom that gradually engulf me during lectures.

I simly love his smiles. I feel light and at peace. His smiles seem to be a supplement, or shouild I say brain booster, that warmly remind each of his student that Hum Art is a piece of cake(though it is not). His smiles, I guess are better to be encouragement-giver.

His smiles are Contagious. I cannot rememver any meeting when I stepped out of the room after class without a smile on my lips. Mind you, I still am able to smile even whem I was suffering form dysmenorrhea.

Sir Smile did not showed on July 14. I heard that he attended the ordination of one of his friends. I was not able to attend the class on the 21st when I attended the PMHA. I really was disappointed those days because the source of the sunshine in my during weekdays was out of reach. Then I would surely missed his class on August 4 because of the scheduled field trip. *gggrrr!!!*

Duh! I missed and will miss his smiles. Anyway, the thought that Sir Smile keeps on smiling is enough to leave a smile on my lips and too much to make me happy as I keep going. ^_^

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

long distance relationship

July 7, 2005 5:30- 7pm Social Psychology class
Ms. Ann discussed Self- Knowledge or the better understanding of oneself. Self knowledge is a three-fold process which include Explaining your behavior, Predicting your behavior, and Predicting your feelings. The foremost requires introspection or self examination including the past experiences. This enables an individual to predict his behavior and feelings. I perceive process as a pragmatism of the Stimulus- Response theory and of Insight learning.
Her examples were touching, real and moving which made the whole class so attentive and inquisitive.
I took the quarter of a yellow paper inserted in Jen's notebook. One afternoon is written on the left portion which gave me the idea to start a fun game commonly called dugtungan. It is actually more than a game since it reflect our respective beliefs.
Here it goes:
One afternoon... Naglecture c Ms. aane. She emphasized that she, herself is against long term relationship. & I don't want that too. Same here!!! Long term b? dba sbi nya long distance? Any way, as much as possible, I don't want them also. I agree on that. I don't want long distance relatonship " mahirap na kc e, baka maagaw pa SAYANg NAMAN." *hehehe!* I agree w/ long distance rel. kung talagang mahal mo ang isang tao gagawin mo ang lahat para mag- grow ang rel nyo. Ay, takot ako baka kc sa malyo mag-work c Marvin. masaya kc cguro naman mas marami na sya mapapkain sken *hehehe!* pero depende un sa tao basta mahal mo at may trust kau sa isa't isa wla cguro masyado problems, kung iiwan nya ko aba gago sya ang ganda ko kaya. *wahahaha* skn naman it doesn't matter kung magkalapit kau o magkalayo eh, what rili matters eh yung love & trust 4 h oder. basta tama na nga muna yang "love-love" na yan... aral muna tayo...*hehehe!*
Here is the list of the respondent on the dugtungan game( respondent daw o, as if experiment) Jen Carandang, Renin Lagrio, Emy Lanto, Hanzel Pagcaliwangan, Maricel Herrera, Sarah Magnaye, Leizel Andal, July baltazar, and Yen De Guia.
See, we're all friends yet have different views. I guess this make our relationship grow stronger....Our opposing views tightened the bond we have.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


I hate the existence of tears
they only tell my lost battles,
narrate my sorrows and defeats,
as they roll and fall on my cheeks
when my heart is already in split.

I hate the existence of tears
they let me keep within a sin,
which is to dwell and tightly hold
all the bitter things I have
when somehting I cannot burst out.

I hate the existence of tears
they remind me of what I've lost,
Instill in me that I won't grow,
that I am an underrated,
though I have given my best.

I hate the existence of tears
they confine me to reminisce,
which make me too melancholic,
and rarely to be nostalgic
ambivalent, I am indeed.

I hate the existence of tears
because whenever they are here
I cannot help myself but be
one who have two contrasting traits:
Someone who cries, yet hate those tears!

- This poem was written on May 5, 2002, Sunday, between one and Three o' clock in the afternoon

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Again...but for a while

Schedule for the day: pay a visit to the internet café.

While walking down the street I saw a familiar face. I winked twice to make sure that I'm not fooling myself. The man smiled then tried to hid his face. But it was too late, I already smiled back as I remember the name behind the face. I finally recognized him. He is no other than but Kuya Boyet, the mail carrier in our place whom I have worked with at the Calamba Post Office for 15 days last summer (From April 20- May 11 excluding Local and National holidays).

I stopped by the house where he is is standing still. He's waiting for the man to return his logbook of registered mails. He smiled once again, then finally asked my schooling---duh! he asked how's my studies without even bothering to ask my condition. I am honest to tell that things are well, good and rewarding except for the reality that I came home by 10 in the evening on Mondays and fridays. He frowned after hearing my schedule. I sigh.

When I asked how things are going on his life he just smiled. He mentioned no comments at all.

To beat the dead air, I told him that I have a classmate in my Humanities and Arts appreciation course that resembles him. This time He laughed. I didn't for the man I'm refering to keeps on throwing to me naughty lines, so as his buddies ( I'm refering to Benedict Carandang). This is another story.

He asked me where I'm going to and offered me a ride on his motor bike which I gladly accepted. On our way to internet café, I noticed that he keep on noddding to those who came our way. I was puzzled at first before I finally realized that he know those people because of his work. I guess my CPU processed too slow that time. Do I need to upgrade it? I think so. He informed me that Kuya Jun is a year older yesterday. I told him that I know. He turned back for a while then asked me how. I told him that I ask that stuff while I am still working at the Post Office.

I finally asked him----mark my word, its asked not commanded--- to halt upon seeing the sign. So I guess in every meeting there really is parting. But all are worth it... all to be kept as good memoties. Even tough it is just a meeeting Again... but for a while.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Hitting two birds with one stone

I'm aware that PCs are capable of multi-tasking which makes work of users a lot easier. It's an advantage which seems to be heaven for us. However I don't find it this way at all times. There are times that this feature of computers make me more nuts. Why? I simply can't concentrate. I lose my focus from the more important task. I'm tempted to do other stuff. Okay! okay! its me who is at the loose. I should admit to myself that I can't prove that "Hitting two birds with one stone" is possible---well ofcourse i'm referring to my case.