Friday, September 04, 2009


The name of Calamba, according to legend, came from Kalan(clay stove) and Banga (water jar). I learned about this through the leaflets given during the 1st cityhood anniversary of Calamba.

Here it is:

During the Spanish period, two guardia civil (soldiers) were lost. As they walked around the place, they met a young lady who was carrying a jar of water and a wooden stove. In order to conceal the fact that they were lost, the soldiers asked her the name of the place using the Spanish language . The maiden, who do not understand Spanish, thought she was being asked on what she was carrying. She answered kalan-banga. It was believed that because the Spaniards could not pronounce kalan-banga properly, the town was then called Calamba.

To remind Calambeños of it's history, or should I say, of Calamba's etymology, a life-size replica of clay jar made of cement is in the city plaza and is called Banga. A fully-furnished Banga was finished in 1939. The banga is placed on top of a concrete mound. Inside the mound is a small, white fountain at the center and benches around. The semi-spiral stair beside the mound leads to the banga.

You will notice that 1939 inscription seems to be written on a white cloth. It is a common practice to put a cloth on one's head, as protection, before placing a pot or whatever one intends to carry on his head.

Inscribed in the giant jar are the names of the different barangays comprising Calamba. I am a resident of Brgy. Mayapa, and I was frustrated when my BIG bro was unable to clearly and fully capture its inscribed name on Banga.

Banga(and the city plaza) is situated across Rizal shrine and St. John the Baptist church. You may view this for more information.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A PUJ is burning...

"May tao kaya sa loob ng jeep?" I asked my BIG bro upon seeing a PUJ blazing.

"Nakita ko yung driver tumawid papunta sa mga sekyu ng Yazaki" he replied.

We felt the heat coming from the burning PUJ as we were conversing. It was so hot. It seems we were placed inside an oven within a blink of an eye.

The quick glance I had on the burning PUJ left me feeling down and hopeless--- I was not personally involved but I felt hopeless. And why not, the jeepney on fire seemed to be beyond recognition; if somebody is inside the same will definitely apply. The fire engulf the jeepney it seemed impossible to salvage anything that will left after the fire. I felt hopeless because the fire seem to have started for quite a time already, but no help is around, yet...

With this feelings thoughts came more queries. I was unable to help myself but asked my BIG bro.

"Paano na lang kaya, kung yung kita sa pamamasada gamit ang jeep na yan ang inaasahan ng pamilya ng driver?..."

"Paano kaya kung di pa pala tapos bayaran ang jeep na yun?"
Here my bro replied, "Imposible ate, mukhang luma na yung jeep. Baka nga faulty wiring pa dahilan ng pagkasunog na yan."

Then another question...
"Paano kaya kung nakiki-boundary lang pala yung driver?... "

Then silence...

My bro told me, "Tawag ka na sa fire station."

"Naisip ko na yan, pero wala akong number."

"Magtanong tayo sa pulis dun sa crossing, tapos text mo."

"Mayaman ako sa load, kahit tawagan ko pa." I had this urge, to do something... to extend help---even a small gesture.

"Pag sinabi naman naten tatawagan na naman nila."

"Sana nga lang maging mabilis pag responde."

"Kaso may magagamit kaya sila kung electrical ang reason ng sunog, tapos may gasolina pa." My bro stated, more than asked.

"Baka San Miguel ang meron nun. Naalala mo yung sunog sa Calamba hills" He refered to another incident.

As we were passing by LISP II, a fire truck is fast approaching... So there is help... and hope.

This incident occurred last 2 September near LPU-Laguna and Yazaki-Torres Mfg Inc.
around 9PM.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

5 fingers of prayer

I attended in a catholic school all through out my elementary years. There and then, I learned the ACTS structure of prayer. I still use the said pattern, though not always in the same order. The ACTS structure gives off calming effect which makes me feel/think I am worthy of God's attention and grace.

On the 29th of August, Sah forwarded to me, thru SMS, the 5 fingers of prayer. In it, each of our 5 fingers serve as a reminder on how we prayer for supplication.

Your THUMB is nearer to you, so pray for those who are closest to you.

POINTING FINGER: pray for those who teach, instruct, and heal.

TALLEST FINGER: pray for the leaders, they need God's guidance.

Your RING FINGER is the weakest finger, so pray for those who are weak, troubled, or in pain.

The LITTLE FINGER remindsus to pray for our self.