Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Speedy detour

I've been too busy this past two weeks with three paper works: Land dispute in Principles of Economics, Technical Report in Technical Writing, and Module-making in Group Dynamics. *Sigh!* These consumed a lot of my time and energy; but I am not feeling too bad becuase I do my works with my ever-supportive friends and classmates. I also learned new things in my everyday struggle while imparting myself in these tasks.

I am glad to share here my new experiences. I now know where DARPO Batangas is located. Karen Liz and I went there on Match 20 to aks for a land dispute, luckily Ms.Criselda Ilagan, Legal Officer I extended to us her help. Karen, Love and I went there again this afternoon and asked for a certification letter. We bought a cake for her as our token of appreciation. Karen noticed, An dI agree, that the place relieves the pain we have while we are still on the place. We are wondering why. Coincidence? I don't know.

I am now aware who do assigned tasks promptly and whole-heartedly. Honestly, I am astonished that Sarah does her tasks ahead of time. she really has changed, and its good for her and for our group. Chester is also demanding articles to encode, yes! you read it right, he is very willing to spend time to encode. Jen is also doing her part, but I think I would be more glad if she exert extra effort and spend more time doing the drafts with the rest of the gang instead of being an eskapo. Hanzel is great as ever. He dependable specially on the mathematical aspect of our tehnical report. We are trying our best to fininsh this on saturday (but ofcourse! the due of submission is on the 27th at 10 a.m.)

Golly! I am getting haywire regarding our pracrtical exam in Group Dynamics. I am praying and setting my mind to facilitate the seminar smoothly, though I must admit that there will be some gap and lapse. I beleive I can do this! I must because this is our final exam.

Gotta go! I need to stop detouring and be back on the straight track.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Strolling and t-shirt repair

Hanzel, Emy, Yen and I have a hearty merienda (it's just that the waitress was so annoying). After eating, Hanzel went back to school to attend Bee jay's concern, while the three of us girls went to Tanauan City Market to have our JRHS shirt repaired.

The dressmaker informed us that the job will be accomplished after 30 minutes, so we decided to kill the time by strolling. We walked and shared a good laugh while Yen was busy looking for a stall that offers christening souvenirs at a very low price. Yen was blest to find one. We bought kikiam with hot sauce and have chat more before claiming the shirts. We saw ate Jo-Ann on our way home.

Yen and and Emy walk on their way back to Darasa, while I went straight to the Crossing bound- Jeepney stop.

This is a nice and simple bonding moment worth cherishing

Thursday, March 16, 2006

FSC election 2006

I went to school early because I have a duty on the Voting precint at 9 a.m. I was assigned at the Voter's ID desk from 9 to10 a.m. and 2:30- 6p.m. I liked the job (this was also my assignment last year) because I to knew and interacted with lots of First Asians of different personality types.

There were few incident reports; the common is the occurence of invalid ID. Thank God the MIS personnel worked out the concern promptly.

The faculty witness were Ms. Atienza and Engr. Bailon, while the pollwatchers were Onel (LEAD), and Doods and Jerome (ADVOCATES).

We ate our dinner, which Christian and Rosemarie bought at KFC, at the lobby beside the ASEAN garden. We bid our good byes at 9 p.m.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A bait called temptation

I reached Mary Help of Christian Parish a couple of minutes before the 4:30 p.m. mass started last March 5. Ifm glad I made it --- at last! I am able to actualize my resolve for my 20th birthday, which is to be on time for the mass. What made my effort extra special is that it happened on the first Sunday of Lent; a timely refresher for me as I repent for my sins.

The gospel was Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11). In the Homily, Fr. Ante stressed that temptation is not the sin but rather giving in to temptation is the sin. He shared this story to further explain this:

Once there was an eagle that soars high in the sky. One day he saw a cat carrying a tin can while walking.
The eagle approached the cat and asked "What is inside that tin can?"
"Oh! I have here little brown worms for fishing." answered the cat.
"Can I have some?" the eagle asked.
The cat was quiet for a while and replied "I will give you some worms in one condition."
The eagle looked puzzled but let the cat continue.
"You will give me one of your feathers for each worm I give you."
The eagle agreed and said "Give me three worms and here, in return, are my three feathers."
The cat smiles as he collected the feathers and gave the eagles three worms.
It was a hearty meal for the eagle, but he felt that it was not enough so he asked for more and more worms until he ther is no more feathers left on his body. The eagle eventually died.
The cat then called his friend cats and has a festive meal --- which is the dead greedy eagle.

Fr. Ante is right, we commit a sin only, and if only, we gave in to temptation. Temptation remains a temptation as long as we don't entertain it. Jesus Christ was also tempted but he remained firm with his stand. I think it is just for me to contemplate on this matter frequently so I would be able to live a better and more righteous life --- a christ-centered life. How about you?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My 20th birthday

My mama woke me at 5 a.m. and greeted me a happy birthday. My tatay greeted me and left the house (bibili siguro ng panghanda) Duh! I am 20 years old, teen-no-more and chronologically an adult. *Whew!*

Today is an ordinary and sunny day, its jsut that I am a year older. I shouldn't care much since I don't look my age (kapal ko!). People around me, excluding my AB Pasaway friends, don't make a big deal out of my opposing age and physique, they understand that its in my Lagrio genes.

I attended my classes propmtly as usual. We rechecked our Semi-final exam in Rizal and exchange views about PD 1017. Our professor in PrinEco announced the Top 3 high scorers in the exam ( I ranked 2nd) and distribute our test papers. After a while, Dan informed the Ms. Lea that its my birthday. I heard someone meow and guessed that its Sarah. My AB Pasaway friends greeted me in their own way and later gave me a stuff toy.I didn't expect it. Karen, who is seated beside me, went back from the front row carrying a medium-size bench paper bag. She place it in my armchair and uttered "Galing sa boyfriend mo." I looked at her, I was baffled for I don't have a boyfriend, and I never thought that its a gift.
" Galing nga sa boy friend mo... para sayo yan... galing samin.." I slowly opened it. Presto! a cute orange pussy stuff toy. Karen pressed its belly and a loud meow echoed in the room. The stuff toy's belly was pressed couple of times which made the class laugh. From now on, my new stuff toy will be called PASAWAY.

I was teary eyed. I am touched; but I am afraid that my expression didn't show what I really feel at the moment. Let me emphasize that I AM THANKFUL, very thankful. I can't remember how many times I gave them thanks.My friends made my 20th birthday extra special. They destressed me and turned my gloomy day a glowing one. It feels good, honest!

Ms. Lea dismissed the class early, but the AB Pasaway and some BSHRM 3 remained. Picture-taking, laughing and shouting or what I call AB Pasaway fun followed. Once again, thank you AB Pasaway! I really appreciate it!

My deepest thanks to the other people who greeted me and made my date colorful.Thank you,thank you, thank you to Jhim, Yvette, Leovic, Ms. Maro, COMELEC family, Lynel, Jen D.....mwuah...mwuah...mwuah!

Friday, March 03, 2006


I am a year older tomorrow. I am no longer a teen...

It made me sad. I guess I'll heed Loveleen's advice "Use twenTEEN if they'll ask your age..."

I already used it when Lynel greeted me yesterday and asked my age...heheheheeheheh!!! It made the two of us,togehter with Jen, laugh out loud!

I think I'll be using this more often for I don't feel that I am over the teen age. I feel I'm only 12 summers and actually looks like one... But ofcourse I think my age.