Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Saving Graces

Getting hold of Patricia Gaffney's The Saving Graces is very timely. The twist and turn of the story made me more optimistic regarding the relationship I have with my colleagues/classmates/friends whom I would certainly seldom meet and be with after our graduation on April 21.
The four women characters of the story faithfully meet once a week to discuss anything under the sun. They shared laughter, truimphs, dreams, failures, and gossips. They face every challenge as a group, though a cliche exist once in a while. They are alwayson each others side. They are all and one. This kind of relationship is somethingworth having and keeping. *sigh*
I am ardently praying that we, FAITH AB Psychology 2007, namely, Liz, July, Jen, Yen, Cel, Renin, Karen, Emy, Sarah, Hanzel and Love, will stay in touch no matter what, as each of us struggle in the juggle of real world. I am hoping that we will not simply settle with exchange of calls, text messages or emails, but rather find time to meet even once in a blue moon.
Reflecting thoroughly, I have realized that it is not the time spent with each other, but rather the essence of our friendship that is kept ablazing in our hearts that matters most. Yes! togetherness counts in maintaining friendship, but onlyto an extent; it is still the bond of love that makes friends tightly connected. Now, what I should pray for is God's will for us, AB Pasaway stick with each other... til the end.
This is not a simple wishful thinking. I firmly believe that we will forever be glued with each other.
God bless to all of us, Pasaway!


I have been an inactive blogger for almost four months. I cannot give any concrete reason for this but my extreme writing laziness. My inactive blogger status is a shame and a constant cause of my own dismay. However, I have been a frequent blog-hopper. I also never missed a Blog-O-Rama article. I have updated myself regarding the country's blogosphere.

But my dormant period is over, I am here (again) to strike back. I'll first attend to the last requirements in our thesis, then I'll get the ball rolling.

i am glad to be back! ^_^