Saturday, September 15, 2007


I forgot things and events (this and that) a bit more than usual this week and it makes me feel foolish (which I do not want to be ---well who wants to be one anyway?)and irresponsible. I forgot that it was a holiday in Lipa City, Batangas last September 12. Guess what? I still exerted effort to go to SSS-Lipa to make a transaction which in turn did not transpire with the obvious reason. Golly! I am too foolish and the incident made me feel ashame. (I will not disclose other incidents coz it will belittle myself, an adverse effect on my esteem)

Looking on the positive side of the situation I realized that it a sign that I have to do certain things to boost my memory: Fe SO4 intake to have a good supplement, IBreathing exercises which regulates oxygen flow in the brain, and ofcourse relaxation and rest.

I do not want to be forgetful. Any suggestion to make me more alert?