Monday, February 27, 2006



I made a wrong move last friday, 24 February.
I should have controled myself.
I should have not asked in Filipino.
I should have not reacted.
I should have ignored Hanzel’s remark.

But I did otherwise.
I lose control.
I asked in Filipino.
I reacted.
I gave in to Hanzel’s remark.

I was asked to render a song as a consequence.
I disclosed that I don’t memorize song lyrics.
I told the class that I only listen to music.
I informed them that I am a self-confessed non-singer.
I admit that I am not blest with a singing voice.

I asked my friends help.
They lend a hand in choosing a song I somehow know.
They rally around in giving me the lyrics of Jordan Hill’s Remember me this way.
They gave me moral support.

Hanzel announced that I am ready.
They gave me encouragements.
They yell my positive traits.
They made around of applause.
And they holler as they declare that I am not singer!

I sing off-pitched...

The song reminded Ms. Atienza of the Casper.

Every now and thenWe find a special friendwho never lets us down...

I'll make a wish for you,and hope it will come true,if life will just be kind,to such a gentle mind,if you lose your way, think back on yesturdayremember me this way,remember me this way....

“But please, don’t remember me this way.” I told the class.
I went back to my seat.
I am ashamed of myself.

But I imparted in the class high-level of humor…
It’s just that I was the subject of fun.....

* Note: i am not the only one who have rendered asong in our Technical Writing class...

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This is my second year as a FAITH COMELEC volunteer. *whew!* (I never thought that I would reach this far.) I am enjoying every minute I spend in our temporary office (COMELEC is an ad hoc committee).

I love what I do; and I am thankful to have good and supportive co-volunteers. The tasks I do seem more of a comradship formation rather than a completion of the" to do's" expected on us as the election approaches.

Since the division of the Commission on Documentation and Finance into two, a big change in my description took effect. I no longer do the minutes of the meeting. *sniff* ( I like doing that pa naman) As a volunteer assigned to the Commission on Correspondence, I do the encoding, but not much encoding. Thanks to Raegan Capuno, our Head commissioner, who extends his helping hands. Honestly, the task is a matter of cut-copy-paste of the previous year's election memos and letters. I exert a lot of effort on disseminating the corresopondences to the concerned individuals. This job gives me the oportunity to interract with different types od people within the FAITH community. It also enable me to have some chat with my crush, who is an org president. hehehehehe!

By the way, the candidates will have the photo op on wednesday. I gotta go, I am apt to make the announcement...