Monday, February 27, 2006



I made a wrong move last friday, 24 February.
I should have controled myself.
I should have not asked in Filipino.
I should have not reacted.
I should have ignored Hanzel’s remark.

But I did otherwise.
I lose control.
I asked in Filipino.
I reacted.
I gave in to Hanzel’s remark.

I was asked to render a song as a consequence.
I disclosed that I don’t memorize song lyrics.
I told the class that I only listen to music.
I informed them that I am a self-confessed non-singer.
I admit that I am not blest with a singing voice.

I asked my friends help.
They lend a hand in choosing a song I somehow know.
They rally around in giving me the lyrics of Jordan Hill’s Remember me this way.
They gave me moral support.

Hanzel announced that I am ready.
They gave me encouragements.
They yell my positive traits.
They made around of applause.
And they holler as they declare that I am not singer!

I sing off-pitched...

The song reminded Ms. Atienza of the Casper.

Every now and thenWe find a special friendwho never lets us down...

I'll make a wish for you,and hope it will come true,if life will just be kind,to such a gentle mind,if you lose your way, think back on yesturdayremember me this way,remember me this way....

“But please, don’t remember me this way.” I told the class.
I went back to my seat.
I am ashamed of myself.

But I imparted in the class high-level of humor…
It’s just that I was the subject of fun.....

* Note: i am not the only one who have rendered asong in our Technical Writing class...