Saturday, December 17, 2005


I met Ricky last December 8, in a no-extraordinary-way on my way to school. Ricky, a fair-skinned and chubby man, was seated beside me. He wore a blue shirt and a cream pants. He had with him a big black traveling bag and a hardbound blue book, which he held tightly on his lap. He was simply staring at the window while I was busy reading my Group Dynamics notes. Isn’t it obvious that I had a good look at him? But things are about to change. The bus we were riding made a halt at Brgy. Biga, Sto. Tomas, Batangas and load the 17 passengers of a tourist bus with an engine problem. My God! It took them a decade to transfers to the bus I took. I, then, can’t help myself but expressed my annoyance.

“Ano ba yan, ang tagal!”

I was startled when the man beside me asked
“Ano ba oras ng time mo?”

“11:30 po”

He looked at his wrist watch and told me
“10:10 pa lang.”

The incident started our conversation. We talked about Fist Asia Institute, the advantage of studying in the suburbs, Psychology and Education as a course, his career shift from being a teacher to being a police officer in Muntinlupa, taking up Law, Philippine Military Academy, his ROTC experiences, my future plans and his soul-searching.

I was unable to study my notes but still received a reward—lessons from a total stranger.

“O malapit ka na.” He uttered when we reached (Daniel Mercado Medical Center) DMMC

I stood and expressed my pleasantries
“Nice meeting you sir!”

He waved his right hand and smiled. I walked to the door and finally get off the bus.

I honestly can’t picture his face, but the thoughts he shared lingers.

I particularly can’t forget his compliments for me
“…may depth kang kausap, kanina ko pa napapansin…”

While reminiscing this experience makes me smile. Maybe because it reminds me of a good-looking man. No! its because of the incident itself—my annoyance started a pleasant conversation worth remembering.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


A sponge is one of man's creations that I admire most. I can't help myself but wonder on how its pores absorb and hold a volume of liquid despite its inferior size. It amazes me on how it does not erode or broke into pieces immediately.

There are individuals that are like the sponge. They are the so-called shock absorber. They are those who can bear and stay composed even at the most annoying and depressing situations they are involved, even if not by choice.

Reasons may not be easily grab to answer my query, but feelings tells me otherwise. I am starting to figure out that one's sensitivity has something to do with this.

It is quite apparent that the more the person do a lot of listening than talking, the more he is good at being a constituent in the catharsis of the other. This process also involves great understanding and patience.

Correct me if I am wrong. I perceived that being a sponge is a sort of virtue. It is human nature to be a sponge but others are well nurtured to be better at it.

I have an experience which is related to this the day before yesterday. I tried to be a good sponge but, I guess, I failed. While a superior of mine is talking about certain things, I entertained the thoughts that I shouldn't be here...This is not my business… Yes! My presence was felt but my thoughts are wandering elsewhere. Now, I honestly felt and feel guilty about it. No one is to be blamed here but me and my stubbornness.

On the other hand, I was and am overwhelm for the trust that is being given to me—since not all is given the chance to be given such. This is a consolation worth remembering on an otherwise disappointing day for me. Imagine, I wasn’t able to watch the BSCS/IT versus BSN volleyball men match…Nanghihinayang talaga ako! I missed half of my life! Haaaaaaaay buhay….