Saturday, December 17, 2005


I met Ricky last December 8, in a no-extraordinary-way on my way to school. Ricky, a fair-skinned and chubby man, was seated beside me. He wore a blue shirt and a cream pants. He had with him a big black traveling bag and a hardbound blue book, which he held tightly on his lap. He was simply staring at the window while I was busy reading my Group Dynamics notes. Isn’t it obvious that I had a good look at him? But things are about to change. The bus we were riding made a halt at Brgy. Biga, Sto. Tomas, Batangas and load the 17 passengers of a tourist bus with an engine problem. My God! It took them a decade to transfers to the bus I took. I, then, can’t help myself but expressed my annoyance.

“Ano ba yan, ang tagal!”

I was startled when the man beside me asked
“Ano ba oras ng time mo?”

“11:30 po”

He looked at his wrist watch and told me
“10:10 pa lang.”

The incident started our conversation. We talked about Fist Asia Institute, the advantage of studying in the suburbs, Psychology and Education as a course, his career shift from being a teacher to being a police officer in Muntinlupa, taking up Law, Philippine Military Academy, his ROTC experiences, my future plans and his soul-searching.

I was unable to study my notes but still received a reward—lessons from a total stranger.

“O malapit ka na.” He uttered when we reached (Daniel Mercado Medical Center) DMMC

I stood and expressed my pleasantries
“Nice meeting you sir!”

He waved his right hand and smiled. I walked to the door and finally get off the bus.

I honestly can’t picture his face, but the thoughts he shared lingers.

I particularly can’t forget his compliments for me
“…may depth kang kausap, kanina ko pa napapansin…”

While reminiscing this experience makes me smile. Maybe because it reminds me of a good-looking man. No! its because of the incident itself—my annoyance started a pleasant conversation worth remembering.