Thursday, December 27, 2007


Jen sent me this heartfelt message... I really love it.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Dr. Eve found out that I love crocheting. She told me to drop by to her office during one of my free time for a christmas bell tutorial. She also told me this: You love crocheting? You'll be an old maid. She laughed; I sighed. (I wondered if she would have stated "like me" if mam Fe did not asked her something else... ^_^)

The incident lingered my mind the whole day not only because of the curse-like statement but because it made me long to ablaze my almost dormat hobby.

I have not tried to make a crochet project by following a particular pattern, my previous works 9coin purse and shoulder bags) are simply combination of the basics stitches that go the way I imagined. Now it different, I wanted to learn make a project following a pattern. I also plan to make cute crochet items aside form bags. I surfed the net and browsed for angels and raindeers patterns. I'll post here a finished project soon.

I'm excited!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mornings with a kitty

I'm glad I found this kitty video from Art and Tea blog; it made me laugh (but not LOL). The video reminded me how my two cats at home can never ever do what was shown because they are not allowed (and are not at ease) to stay indoors. Still I can related since my cats are naughty in a some-what similar yet unique ways... ^_^

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Circle of Friends

I got this picture from an email Emy sent me. It caught my attention at first sight because I found it very symbolical.

I post this here in attempt to find out if my friends are willing to view this entry and make their selves recognized through a simple comment. Who knows, my friends may be a friend of a friend of a friend, ad infinitum...

Hello friend! Isn't the picture presented here a good logo? or you have something more special? Let me know...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog ENVI-action day

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here is our small effort for the environemt's welfare:

During the HRMD staff meeting last September 29, my officemate, Ms. Lyn, suggested we organize an environment-friendly Christmas season activity: a Parol making contest.Parol is a star-shape lantern widely used as decor during the yuletide season here in the Philippines.

Parol making contest is a common gimmick, but Ms. Lyn suggested a twist--- to use our respective department's recyclable/reusable materials in our parols. In this way we will be able to make the same old thing brand new (which is certified environment friendly), make a decor for the season and foster camaraderie among officemates.

This project will commence mid-November, but early as the past two weeks we are already collating possible decor materials.

The winning parol /department will be announced during the Christmas tree lighting on December 8. I'll then post updates.

This project is not a big leap for a cleaner environment, but we know that this small step is a constituent of a good cause.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


A good cry does not only calms the wrath and destresses a troubled heart; it is an effective agent of cleansing tired eyes.

Yes, it is not a sign of defeat but rather of courage to be true to oneself. See it for your self.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I forgot things and events (this and that) a bit more than usual this week and it makes me feel foolish (which I do not want to be ---well who wants to be one anyway?)and irresponsible. I forgot that it was a holiday in Lipa City, Batangas last September 12. Guess what? I still exerted effort to go to SSS-Lipa to make a transaction which in turn did not transpire with the obvious reason. Golly! I am too foolish and the incident made me feel ashame. (I will not disclose other incidents coz it will belittle myself, an adverse effect on my esteem)

Looking on the positive side of the situation I realized that it a sign that I have to do certain things to boost my memory: Fe SO4 intake to have a good supplement, IBreathing exercises which regulates oxygen flow in the brain, and ofcourse relaxation and rest.

I do not want to be forgetful. Any suggestion to make me more alert?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy, Jolly, Glad... Name it!

So what is the difference between happy, jolly and glad? Definitely there is a difference, but where does/ do the disparity lies? Is it in degree, reason, duration, frequency, period, or other forms of measure?

I personally believe that the descriptions of the said words are relative. The stated words are lexicographically varied, thus also dissimilar, as a state, among beings.

I have thought of this question as I read an email and found this picture. I then asked myself “What made and makes me happy, jolly or glad these past few days? Are they individuals or concrete and abstract things?” My answers were the following: my cats, encounters with my new chums, keeping-in-touch with my long lost friends, accomplishing a task and a good sleep.

I am interested to know the things/reasons that made/makes you happy, jolly or glad these past few days. I am hoping to hear from you--- or should I say, I am hoping to know something more about you. Have a good reminiscing moment ahead of you!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lovely's day

Today, August 22 is the birth date of Lovely Apple Rivera, a cheerful and dashing friend of mine.

Around nine this morning, I saw and chatted for a while with Love’s mother, Aling Myrna. We talked about my work---where I work, work experiences and the other high- paying jobs as good options for me in the future. I showed gusto about our topic although my mind was actually preoccupied with thoughts about Lovely’s birthday during that moment. I almost gave in to the urge to mention it but was not courageous enough to do so. I opted not to show even the slightest clue that I remember Love’s birthday for fear that it may bring back to aling Myrna related hurtful incidents. I threw and answered questions as if I was thinking of nothing else. But in real, August 22 constantly reminds me of the girl who loved apple and was the apple of almost every one’s eye.

“Love, I know you’re in God’s embrace…happy and contented…I do not know if it’s still appropriate but, ‘happy birthday!’”

I am entertaining the thought that Lovely is surely a gorgeous lady of 21 should she survived aneurysm 8 years ago. But ofcourse, she was a pretty lass...

Aside form Love’s birth date, August 22 also reminds me that life is too short to play it out of tune. It tells me to live life to the fullest every moment.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We are protected

it's true!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alone but not lonely

My officemates have their respective lunch dates last thursday so I opted to eat my lunch alone at the pantry.
Sir Donald saw me when he went there to get a mug of water and said, or should I say he asked "Renin, loner ka ngayon?"
I simply smiled as he throw other queries.
But his question left me pondering. Indeed, I was alone, apart from others, with no one but my self (excluding those who go at the pantry to get some things) while having my meal but I was definitely not lonely. I was able to think and plan about different matters during that particular solitary moment of mine. I had and have no regrets of eating unaccompanied.
BTW, I used this photo because I felt (upon viewing it) that it represent my feelings while writing this entry.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ms. Fe (our HRMD Manager) asked me to post this words to ponder in the bulletin board. It is nice and worth sharing. Here it is:

"Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."
- Dale E. Turner

Indeed we can and may have myriads of dreams, big and small, all through out our life. The dreams we weave give us something to look forward to, something to hold on. Dreams give us hope. Dreams-come-true give us immeasurable gratification and even sense of accomplishment.
I believe that dreaming is something we should never stop doing and never cease achieving.

Dream big... Dream the attainable dreams...

What do you currently dream about?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Witness' Guilt

I witnessed an accident this morning. A man, who happened to be my co-passenger in a jeepney bound for Turbina-Real, was hit by a car while crossing the street. I was shocked that I was still for a second. But honestly, I was relieved because I was not the one hurt. On the other hand I also felt guilty, guilty that I have not done something which I could have done.

Here was the scenario. All the passengers of the jeepney I took briskly crossed the street but suddenly halted in the middle of the road upon noticing an approaching fast-moving car. The man on my right side did not stop walking and was the one hurt in the leg. I looked back at the man but did not do anything to help. I continued crossing the street instead; I continued to walk as if accidents like the one I witnessed are ordinary occurrence where I can simply shrug my shoulders.

The incident occurred in a flash, but it stayed in my consciousness. While in the bus, I felt so uneasy. I felt guilty, guilty that I did not even bother to remind the man that a fast-moving car is near. I felt guilty because I thought that if only I have done such small gesture the man may have been spared from being hurt. If only…

On the other hand, I also thought that if only the man was more careful and faithfully follow the stop, look, and listen SOP he could have safely crossed the street. But no matter how I try to put aside my guilt feelings I am still irresponsible about the incident. I still feel guilty, and I know I am really guilty.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mabinian Pals

I saw the Mabini Academy for the second time this afternoon while we (Ms. Lyn, Ms. Rose and I) were on our way to International Exchange Bank-Lipa. It was dismissal time so there were lots of students on the street and side walk. While taking a good look of the school’s structure and students I remembered my My Mabinian pals, especially the ever- witty Hanzel, who is now an HR staff in Makati, and naughty-gritty Gilbert, who is now on his fourth year of studies and training in Baguio (ooopppsss... sorry for dropping tidbits, I hope you don't mind).

My experience is a clear example of episodic memory. Things that happened in the past flashed back like a movie; and it feel so good to realize that I have lots of good memories to cherish.

I am wondering how Hanzel and Gilbert are doing in their respective paths…

I am looking forward to see Hanzel tomorrow (he'll pay us a visit). ^_^

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Constantly Reminded

I cannot understand why I am constantly reminded of events, people or things which I actually try to forget. On the most uneventful and unexpected moments episodes from my past suddenly pop-up on my consciousness and presto! I am left pondering and making wishlist or "what ifs."

I do not like it. It is not because I am not good at thinking (I firmly believe otherwise) but because it keeps me hanging or worrying. Such pondering moments only make me sick. It is not because I do not like the idea of thinking about events, people or things from my past because they are not good to think about, it is rather a living reminder that I have a lot of wants that, unfortunately, too far-fetch for me to reach and have for keeps.

See, I am starting to sound pathetic. Here's a period (.) for my dilemma.

....but it keeps me reminded of...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tangible reminders and Self-regard

Luanne Rice’s Follow the stars Home evolved on the lives of four females who struggle in order to savor the gift of love each of them deserves:

* Dianne, left by her husband giving birth to a sick child, and years later faced with a possibility of second chance at love with her brother-in-law.

* Lucinda, an adoptive child of violent parents was given hope by her belief on kindred spirits which she had read from Anne of Green Gables. She is Diannes mother.

* Amy, age 2, loves her clinically depressed mother dearly but hardly feels loved back. She found a mother image in Dianne and a friend in Julia.

* Julia, age 11 is Dianne’s daughter who is inflicted with Rhett’s syndrome. Her reactions were assumed to show affection for Ammy.

As a gift on Lucinda’s retirement as librarian, Diane took her mother, Julia and Amy to prince Edward island, the setting of Anne of green Gables. When they were about to leave the old apple-tree gardens of Lucy Maud, Amy suggested they take something for souvenirs. She gathered four withered-up apples ---apples with struck out stems and smelled like vinegar or wine. Dianne asked Amy why she took old apples. Amy said “They’re us.” Lucinda explained that the apples are ugly, unlovable things lying on the ground… until someone picked them up. The apples are tangible reminders of who they were and who they love. Personally, I take the sponge as a tangible representation of who I am. Like the sponge, I absorb as long as I can hold. I absorb even those that leave stains to the extent of my limit until someone, usually a confidant, squeeze me little by little so I could pour out whatever I had absorbed and so I may breathe. When I am back in shape, I am ready again to absorb.

Upon reading this novel, I have realized that the story offers more than touch and warmth on one’s heart, it conveys an outlook in life that enhances one’s self-regard (also self-worth) or how one see him/herself. The four heroine’s withered apples reminded me that ugly things or painful experiences in naked eyes are all only skin-deep---their effects disappear in time, they heal. Introspection made me understand that unpleasant things occur in order to bring out the beauty and luster within me. Besides, I am the one who know and see the beauty and worth in me, who else? I am the one who should initiate the discovery of my worth so others will also know.

In all the hurtful and disagreeable things that happen to me (us) how will be able to start to appreciate and see the positive side of things? I remember one session I, and the rest of my batch mates, had with bro. Boy. He told us to hug ourselves tightly or cuddle a pillow whenever we feel so lonely, unloved, and down so as to give ourselves the warmth we need--- it works!, at least on my part. The rationale is that we feel secured and attached by being hugged or cuddled. It is a relief to put into words how I feel; that despite the difficulties I encounter I still feel needed, appreciated, loved, useful, and kept --- and I know I be worthy of all these… I regard myself as I deserve.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh my Gulay (Pechay)!

My favorite veggie dish is Sauteed Chinese Cabbage or the commonly called Pechay (definitely not Prospero Pichay of Team Unity). I love it for its taste, nutritive value, and role in bowel movement. *hehehe*

Pechay, for me, is not merely a good food preference, it is food for one's good. It is not a sinful dish so a person may have a load of it--- I even prefer to eat it three or four times a week. Why not? it won't get me fat or have dyspepsia.

Whenever my mom asks me to buy any veggie at the barangay talipapa I usually buy Pechay--- what else?

So here’s my Sauteed Pechay.

2 tbsp. oil
½ head garlic, macerated
1 small onion, sliced
3 tomatoes, sliced
1/3 cup shrimps, shelled and deveined
1 soy bean curd (tokwa), cut into cubes
3 bundles of Chinese cabbage (Pechay), sliced (separate the stalk form the leaves)
1 tsp. salt
Rice water

Fry soy bean curd (tokwa) until golden brown. Set aside. Saute garlic, onion and tomatoes in hot oil. Add shrimps and tokwa. Cook until done (sangkutsa). Add rice water to the desired amount and the Pechay stalks. Salt to taste. Let it simmer, then add the Pechay leaves. This ready to serve once the leaves are already wilted.

My mom always reminds me that the secret in cooking is the so called pagsasangkutsa or sauteing. It helps to bring the flavor of the meat ingredients.

Pechay leaves with lots of insect bites are bitter; it is then important to choose those with less holes. take note, do not include the holed portion of the Pechay leaves for better results.

Reminder: pechay, in whatever dish, will prompt you to go and find comfort, but one need not worry since it means the fibers worked well inside your tummy. ^_^

Saturday, April 28, 2007


I was and is very happy before,during, and after the commencement exercises. I started to ask some of my friends to write some message for me before the processional, specifically at the tent area, and during the distribution of diploma (uhu! how dare me..heheeheh).

Anyway, the geust speaker, Dr. Flores, gave a very inspiring message. Let me quote the two guiding principle I got from her which I will forever live by.

"Go for Flow" - We should always go for what will make us better individuals. Do not be stagnant, drive for success.

"Attitude can make and unmake things or events." - It is not mere interest or passion that will make us stable in our chosen paths,; but rather our attitude towards work and the people around us.

I also intently listen to Raegan capuno's message in behalf of the graduating class. As he proceed with his speech, my college years flash into my consciousness like a mini-flick. Everything went fast, yet vivid. To quote him, it is education that made us for who and what we are at the moment (let me add, and who and what we will be as we struggle in the real world).

I was not that touched with the said two speeches, however, I was reminded that graduation day is indeed the threshold of evry graduating students, a time to finally make up his mind on what to think and how to percieve the real world that awaits us.

Honestly, I was touched in a greater degree by the presentation (ppt or movie maker) showed as we, graduates, sang our grad song... It inculcated in me the joys truimphs of tertiary schooling outside the four corners of the classrooms.

I did not cry all through out and after the ceremony just like my friends (I am uncertain whether this is something to be proud of). Unexpectedly, the next morning I woke up crying after dreaming. Well this is another story.

What made the day extra special is that I was able to mingle with my other co-graduates who were not really close to me as we exchange goodlucks and prayers for each other.

Quo vadis Renin/ FAITH 2007 graduates? To success!

AD Astra First Asia!

Friday, April 27, 2007

my another FIRST

It was my first time to join an outing with friends days prior commencement exercises. I am glad my parents allowed me to go on an over night swimming with my AB Psychology classmates cum friends last 17 April (with lots of reminders about precautionary measures... *sigh*, well they're my parents)... Our outing/swimming was held at Uncle Vince's resort, situated at the the heart of Tanauan City, Batangas.

I really enjoyed alot, though I am no swimmer. I simply love Sarah's expertise the so called "Sarah's Bakery." I was unable to help myself not to eat much of Paul's Spaghetti. With food served that night, i can attest that the said siblings are real kitchen buff; not to give much emphasis to Paul being an BSHRM degree holder (he graduated too last 21 April). Ofcourse, I am proud to say that I was the official photographer of the event (hope i hope I'll get the hang of it professionally... soon)
Part of my choice, then, was lack of sleep and tardiness for wednesday practice. But evry0thing's worth it! I love it and it will be tresured forever!
Sana, i-invite nyo uli ako next time...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Approval Race

29 March 2007. Hanzel,Karen and I met at Walter Mart,Real,Calamba City at 12nn (were supposed to meet at 10, but unavoidable circumstances caused the delay). We first ate brunch at McDonalds, if we didn't our pin worms could have revolted. ^_^

Then, we proceeded to Consumers' place and rode a jeepney bound for Binan-Olivares via Expressway. The trip to La Consolacion Binan was fast and fun-filled for the three of us. Mr. Gerard santos, the paneleist whom we seeked approval signature, warmly attended to us. He reiterated that we, FAITH AB Psychology batch 2007 were all good during the recently concluded oral defense. He even brag us to his co-teacher. Hanzel, Karen and I were all tongue-tied and over-whlemed. Thank you Mr. Santos forthe compliments! FYI: It was the first time for Hanzel and Karen to take the route.

After 20 minuts or so, we took a tryke and a jeepney bound to Crossing-Calamba. During the ride, we chat regardingour respective dreamsand goals, both long and short term. We get off the PUJ at Turbina. We rode a PUJ bound forTanauan. At crossing-tanauan, Karen and I accompanied Hanzel at equitable bank. We went to FAITH and got the certification requested by Ms. Lida Landicho. The three of us went to July's place for personal matters before we took a bus boundfor Batangas City. At Batangas City,We rode another vehicle bound for Lyceum of Batangas. There we go, we met Ms. Lida, exchange pleasantries, and went back home.

The fun continued as we rode a bus (the same bus we took earlier). We took our pictures,ate snacks, and chat.

It was a tiring, yet, remarkable Approval race for the three of us!

Ang saya! ^_^

Friday, April 13, 2007

thesis submitted

We have submitted our respective thesis yesterday. *sigh*

What a relief that we no longer have to worry about a pending due (with exception to our sempsych grade)... ^_^

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Saving Graces

Getting hold of Patricia Gaffney's The Saving Graces is very timely. The twist and turn of the story made me more optimistic regarding the relationship I have with my colleagues/classmates/friends whom I would certainly seldom meet and be with after our graduation on April 21.
The four women characters of the story faithfully meet once a week to discuss anything under the sun. They shared laughter, truimphs, dreams, failures, and gossips. They face every challenge as a group, though a cliche exist once in a while. They are alwayson each others side. They are all and one. This kind of relationship is somethingworth having and keeping. *sigh*
I am ardently praying that we, FAITH AB Psychology 2007, namely, Liz, July, Jen, Yen, Cel, Renin, Karen, Emy, Sarah, Hanzel and Love, will stay in touch no matter what, as each of us struggle in the juggle of real world. I am hoping that we will not simply settle with exchange of calls, text messages or emails, but rather find time to meet even once in a blue moon.
Reflecting thoroughly, I have realized that it is not the time spent with each other, but rather the essence of our friendship that is kept ablazing in our hearts that matters most. Yes! togetherness counts in maintaining friendship, but onlyto an extent; it is still the bond of love that makes friends tightly connected. Now, what I should pray for is God's will for us, AB Pasaway stick with each other... til the end.
This is not a simple wishful thinking. I firmly believe that we will forever be glued with each other.
God bless to all of us, Pasaway!


I have been an inactive blogger for almost four months. I cannot give any concrete reason for this but my extreme writing laziness. My inactive blogger status is a shame and a constant cause of my own dismay. However, I have been a frequent blog-hopper. I also never missed a Blog-O-Rama article. I have updated myself regarding the country's blogosphere.

But my dormant period is over, I am here (again) to strike back. I'll first attend to the last requirements in our thesis, then I'll get the ball rolling.

i am glad to be back! ^_^