Saturday, April 14, 2007

Approval Race

29 March 2007. Hanzel,Karen and I met at Walter Mart,Real,Calamba City at 12nn (were supposed to meet at 10, but unavoidable circumstances caused the delay). We first ate brunch at McDonalds, if we didn't our pin worms could have revolted. ^_^

Then, we proceeded to Consumers' place and rode a jeepney bound for Binan-Olivares via Expressway. The trip to La Consolacion Binan was fast and fun-filled for the three of us. Mr. Gerard santos, the paneleist whom we seeked approval signature, warmly attended to us. He reiterated that we, FAITH AB Psychology batch 2007 were all good during the recently concluded oral defense. He even brag us to his co-teacher. Hanzel, Karen and I were all tongue-tied and over-whlemed. Thank you Mr. Santos forthe compliments! FYI: It was the first time for Hanzel and Karen to take the route.

After 20 minuts or so, we took a tryke and a jeepney bound to Crossing-Calamba. During the ride, we chat regardingour respective dreamsand goals, both long and short term. We get off the PUJ at Turbina. We rode a PUJ bound forTanauan. At crossing-tanauan, Karen and I accompanied Hanzel at equitable bank. We went to FAITH and got the certification requested by Ms. Lida Landicho. The three of us went to July's place for personal matters before we took a bus boundfor Batangas City. At Batangas City,We rode another vehicle bound for Lyceum of Batangas. There we go, we met Ms. Lida, exchange pleasantries, and went back home.

The fun continued as we rode a bus (the same bus we took earlier). We took our pictures,ate snacks, and chat.

It was a tiring, yet, remarkable Approval race for the three of us!

Ang saya! ^_^