Saturday, April 28, 2007


I was and is very happy before,during, and after the commencement exercises. I started to ask some of my friends to write some message for me before the processional, specifically at the tent area, and during the distribution of diploma (uhu! how dare me..heheeheh).

Anyway, the geust speaker, Dr. Flores, gave a very inspiring message. Let me quote the two guiding principle I got from her which I will forever live by.

"Go for Flow" - We should always go for what will make us better individuals. Do not be stagnant, drive for success.

"Attitude can make and unmake things or events." - It is not mere interest or passion that will make us stable in our chosen paths,; but rather our attitude towards work and the people around us.

I also intently listen to Raegan capuno's message in behalf of the graduating class. As he proceed with his speech, my college years flash into my consciousness like a mini-flick. Everything went fast, yet vivid. To quote him, it is education that made us for who and what we are at the moment (let me add, and who and what we will be as we struggle in the real world).

I was not that touched with the said two speeches, however, I was reminded that graduation day is indeed the threshold of evry graduating students, a time to finally make up his mind on what to think and how to percieve the real world that awaits us.

Honestly, I was touched in a greater degree by the presentation (ppt or movie maker) showed as we, graduates, sang our grad song... It inculcated in me the joys truimphs of tertiary schooling outside the four corners of the classrooms.

I did not cry all through out and after the ceremony just like my friends (I am uncertain whether this is something to be proud of). Unexpectedly, the next morning I woke up crying after dreaming. Well this is another story.

What made the day extra special is that I was able to mingle with my other co-graduates who were not really close to me as we exchange goodlucks and prayers for each other.

Quo vadis Renin/ FAITH 2007 graduates? To success!

AD Astra First Asia!


Anonymous said...

Hi Renin,

Just seen your page. Once one. Reflects your personality.

Thanks for qouting me.

And COMELEC? Hmmmm,I really miss the org. Hope to work with you guys once again as we maintain "credibility beyond challenge".

God bless!