Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sweetest gesture

Upon posting an answer and my own share of query at Toni's Weekly Soiree # 53, I realized that the sweetest gesture I ever received---and would love to receive over and over again--- is a warm, bright and BIG smile. It's sweetness it not only felt, but will stay and linger if given specially during bad mood...

Come on, SMILE! ^_^

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Questions? Anyone?

I was deleting some draft items in my phone when I saw this acronym:

There is no harm in asking. It actually entail learning.

Note: This acronym was mentioned by Joey de Leon in one of the January 2009 episode of Mel and Joey.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Resolve

RENIN"s 2009 RESOLVE are as follows:

* Go home early. I mean, no more hanging-out in the office after my shift.
* Everday is a colorful day. There is no harm to be more kikay. hehehe...

* Smile no matter what. So what if there are lots of concerns. I'll keep on smiling to attract good vibes.

Ooppss... I gotta think of other resolution.

Here's another resolve: To be a less impulsive consumer.

Bye bye Singko...

Singko, my pussy, died last Monday, January 19. It was and is sad.

When I went home last monday, there was no Singko sitting near our gate---No Singko waiting for my arrival... No Singko demanding some strokes on his head and neck... No Singko waiting for some leftover pack lunch...

From now on, there will be no Singko whom I can share my angsts, failures and disappointments... No Singko whom I can share anything without being interrupted...

No more Singko who will walk around my feet... No more Singko who sits on my tatay's slippers...

No more Singko...

Bye bye Singko... You'll always be in my heart...

Monday, January 05, 2009


I received this text message from Ms. Ia. It made me smile. A nice 2009 kick-off!

It's a lovely message to a lovely person from a lovely friend on a lovely reason at a lovely time from a lovely mind in a lovely style to say "Have a lovely night."

What is lovely by the way? ^_^