Monday, June 26, 2006

First day cry

On our first Ethics class meeting, sir Mike gave this situation: You and your 19 friends are splunking in a cave on the ocean. Your friend July gets stuck in the cave opening. The tide is rising. If you don’t get July through the opening, everyone (except July, whose head is outside the cave) will drown. Fortunately, you do have some dynamite with you. Should you blow July out of the entrance to save everyone else?"

Most of my classmates answered that they consider what is good more the many. They will choose to blow July to save the rest of the group. I aslo have the same stand. I added that if its possible I won't directly hit July. In this way I will be able to save my 17 friends and still have a possibility of saving July's life. Sir Mike made face. So I repeated my stand with further explanation. I was carried away that I cried. My friends laughed, Hanzel told me that I'm really a cry baby. Well, Indeed I am.

Yen suggested that I write an article regarding this matter with the title "First day cry" a mimic for rexona's "First day high" hehehe! here it is.