Thursday, December 25, 2008

Emma with A twist

I have been wondering if J.Austen's "Emma" will still be held a very good one if things turned out this way in the story:

Mr. Elton,in my twisted story, did not marry another woman despite Emma's first rejection--- a rejection she made not because she did not like him but rather because she is not ready for a serious reationship. He will turn out to be the third person that will hinder the blossoming relationship between Mr. Knightley and Emma. In this part, Mr. Elton will be the cause of Mr. Knightley's jelousy. To make things harder for Mr. Knightley, Emma's father did not favor the paring of Emma and Mr. Knightley due to age difference--- it is like an over-my dead-body stand point...

This is not a good ending right? So I'll leave the " what happens next to the readers" ^_^

Something for Christmas

I received this text message from Irene last night. It was the most beautiful and meaningful CHRISTMAS for me.

C - Christ gave
H - Himself as
R - Reminder so that
I - Individuals know the
S - Sacrifices
T - That He did for
M - Mankind to
A - Acheive the gift of
S - Salvation

Now I am wondering whose brainchild is this...

I finally got contact lenses

I just had my extended contact lenses yesterday (Mhaleen also got hers). It took me about an hour to get the hang of putting and removing my contact lenses. Whew! Thank you to Ms. Cynthia and Dr. Alvin Dy for being patient teaching me the "to do's".

I am very glad to finally decide to have one( my christmas gift for myself). All my qualms regarding contact lenses were proven to be in vain. It doesn't hurt. I easily get comfortable wearing it. I hardly feel it in my eyes.

But ofcourse it is not good bye to my transitional eye glasses.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

simple truth

"If you are stressed you'll get pimples. If you cry you'll get wrinkles. Then why not smile and get dimples? "

a short reminder to keep smiling... ^_^