Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A bit more sensitive

My bro, who is staying at V Luna for almost five months already, applied for a weekend pass effective 26 and 27 August. It was his first time to be back home since 31 March 2006. (It would be longer if only he did not take an AWOL). My grandma, who used to have siesta during those hours, patiently wait for my brother’s arrival.

My father and brother arrived home at 1p.m. They took their lunch while having our blah blahs. My brother showed me the plebes’ table manner during mess. After lunch, my mom and I unpacked his belongings. A while later, my bro showed me the way cadets shine their combat shoes which I found odd and time-consuming, though the results showed the difference from the usual shoe-shining procedure.

Around 2p.m. my bro got dressed and asked my father if he can go to Tanauan. It was granted; provide that he will be home at 7p.m.

So he went there. My mom gave him extra cash, or should I say, returned my bro’s cash.

3, 4, 5, 6p.m. I sent a text message to mana, reminding her that my bro should not stay there too late. 7, 8, 9p.m. I sent the same message though in different manner. 10, 11p.m. No reply. WE were clueless regarding my bro’s whereabouts. I went to bed, but tatay stayed up late or he may not even had an hour of sleep, mama didn’t have a sound sleep too.

I perceived the situation similar to our feelings last 30 May (when we were informed that my bro took an AWOL), sort of flashbacks of what happened and what we felt then. Mama told tatay that this was the consequence of having my bro’s pass at Calamba rather than in Novaliches. Her voice was shaky. I felt her disappointment. Honestly, I cried that night. My mother’s feelings were radiated to me. Thoughts hovered into my mind which included this:
“ if only Mana was sensitive enough, this won’t happen. If she only used her mind and did not jibe with my bro’s wishful ness my parents won’t have emotional anguish. If only Mana was sensitive enough that our family also long for my bro’s presence…”

I know my bro was accountable too. But I believe that if Mana was only a bit more sensitive, my bro may have been home as agreed; my parents may be happier and more content than what had happen.

I need to have a good talk with Mana one of these days. I like her, but if things like this continue (this was the second time already) it will be another matter, I may totally despise her. It’s obvious that for me “its family first”, partly because it’s what I strongly believe as just and partly because I consider my parents health conditions.

She should heed this for us to be in good terms at all times. Pakialamerang ate ba? Aba’y sadya. Kelangan eh!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Our last topic in Ethics before the midterm exam was Aristotle’s telos. The discussion was rather fast than the usual. We even asked sir Mike, our ethics professor, not to include the said topic; but our request was denied. :’(

As usual, I doodled a lot during the class. This time, I didn’t simply draw lines and irregular shapes but rather made an article related to telos.

Since telos pertain to human end or purpose, I made a list of what I assume as the "Telos of AB Pasaway."

* To get a non-zero score in quizzes
* To pass major exams (with July as our role model)
* To have an archive filled with our own pix (mostly are taken by Karen)
* To get acquainted and make a lot of friends in all walks of life
* To edit our respective friendster accounts 70 times 7
* To have and maintain a romantic relationship
* To have quality time with each other (tamang tambay, tamang gala)
* To be who we really are at all times (hobbies: tumawa, magtakutan,)

I will ask my friends to vote at most three telos form the list. I will tally the votes to came up with an agreed upon three telos of the AB Pasaway. On the other hand, additional telos is welcome.

(the right to vote is exclusive to AB Pasaway )

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A reminder for all commuters

I was caught in heavy traffic many times already ─ the latest occurred last night ─ and I’m sure that you also do. Heavy traffic isn’t new; it’s been there and is getting worse through time (my parents attest to this). Every commuter is affected whether you drive your own car or use the public means of transportation. For the past three years, I perceive heavy traffic as an inevitable part of my daily travel to and fro home and school. Am I committing hasty generalization? I don’t think so. Try to recollect the way you commute five years ago and compare it with your current travel experiences, isn’t it a proof for my statement?

I won’t delve on the causes and possible solutions to this commuters’ concern (I’m not in the position to do so), but rather give some hints that will help minimize the annoyance it brings.

I came up with this “Commuters’ must have” base on my own daily travel experiences.
* Reserve money. In case you decide to resort to cutting trip. Good for you if you find a way out.
* Candies, chocolates, biscuits (yup! snacks). Its wa poise to eat while commuting, but its better to divert your attention on food than to get stressed thinking of when you’ll get to your destination. I don’t advice drinking lots of water or soft drinks or you’ll feel the need to pee at the wrong time.
* Fan or a piece of card board. Something handy to cool your otherwise hot head.
* Full-charged cellphone, ipod, mp3/4, walkman (still in use). Nothing beats music trip in killing the time. Remember to be cautious while using your gadgets, it may be snatched from you.
* Extra hanky. Useful in covering your face when you can’t help yourself but doze a little. Just be sure that you don’t snore or bang your head to the one sitting beside you.

I assume that commuters like me regularly bring the items I mentioned. ─ Some of you may even have additional items for this “commuters must have” May I ask you to share it here? ─ So I better assert that this article serves as a reminder for all commuters that “IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF A SITUATION, THEN DEAL WITH IT!”

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The library is already closed

I have set in my mind that I will borrow three psychology books after I take my midterm exam in Chemistry at 5:30 p.m. But Alas! the library is already closed. Jen Dinglasan informed me about the said matter when she heard my plan (we were then at the second floor of Mabini Hall).

I was and is very disappionted. I should borrowed those psychology books when July and I were still busy burying our heads with our respective works around 2 p.m.

Well, thats life. Things don't always come the way I/We want it. I have made my choice (of not heeding my instinct) and here's the consequence I should accept.

Here I am, searching on-line articles (and doing this blog on the side) to compensate for my shortcomings. But honestly, I am still annoyed, its because I have two whole days for my self: tomorrow, which is a sunday, and August 21, a special non-working holiday. I may be able to do a lot for our thesis proposal chapter 1 if I got in hand those books ... *Sigh*

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Folding a lab gown

31 July 2006, Chemistry laboratory class

I was 15 minutes late on my Abnormal Psychology class. I immediately packed my things mindless of whether or not my lab gown was bulky on my shoulder bag.

I was unaware that Erick was intently watching me until he uttered “ate Renin, let me fold your lab gown.”

I turned down his offered out of shame and because it is time-consuming to unpack, fold, and pack again my lab gown (which Emy lend me). But Erick was so persistent, so I gave in. He told me that there’s a fast and yet uncomplicated way of folding a lab gown.

Here’s how:
1. Fasten the button nearest the neckline.
2. Fold the lab gown lengthwise with the center front inside. Make sure that the left and right shoulder line and hemline are aligned.
3. Horizontally fold the lab gown starting from the bodice to the hemline. This makes three fold.
4. Fold vertically (optional)

The procedure mentioned is indeed easier than the way of folding which I used to adapt. I'm sure I'll be using this procedure more often.

This experience reminded me that being organized starts with doing simple things systematically. Besides, a person becomes more efficient if he is organized at all times.

Thesis proposal:working topic


We would like to thank Hanzel for the sound advice while we are still choosing our topic.

Now, our struggle will be a level higher and more difficult --- writing chapter 1. Its the most critical part for us. But we can make with a lot of effort, wit and guts!

Kaya natin 'to July! ^_^