Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Folding a lab gown

31 July 2006, Chemistry laboratory class

I was 15 minutes late on my Abnormal Psychology class. I immediately packed my things mindless of whether or not my lab gown was bulky on my shoulder bag.

I was unaware that Erick was intently watching me until he uttered “ate Renin, let me fold your lab gown.”

I turned down his offered out of shame and because it is time-consuming to unpack, fold, and pack again my lab gown (which Emy lend me). But Erick was so persistent, so I gave in. He told me that there’s a fast and yet uncomplicated way of folding a lab gown.

Here’s how:
1. Fasten the button nearest the neckline.
2. Fold the lab gown lengthwise with the center front inside. Make sure that the left and right shoulder line and hemline are aligned.
3. Horizontally fold the lab gown starting from the bodice to the hemline. This makes three fold.
4. Fold vertically (optional)

The procedure mentioned is indeed easier than the way of folding which I used to adapt. I'm sure I'll be using this procedure more often.

This experience reminded me that being organized starts with doing simple things systematically. Besides, a person becomes more efficient if he is organized at all times.