Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A bit more sensitive

My bro, who is staying at V Luna for almost five months already, applied for a weekend pass effective 26 and 27 August. It was his first time to be back home since 31 March 2006. (It would be longer if only he did not take an AWOL). My grandma, who used to have siesta during those hours, patiently wait for my brother’s arrival.

My father and brother arrived home at 1p.m. They took their lunch while having our blah blahs. My brother showed me the plebes’ table manner during mess. After lunch, my mom and I unpacked his belongings. A while later, my bro showed me the way cadets shine their combat shoes which I found odd and time-consuming, though the results showed the difference from the usual shoe-shining procedure.

Around 2p.m. my bro got dressed and asked my father if he can go to Tanauan. It was granted; provide that he will be home at 7p.m.

So he went there. My mom gave him extra cash, or should I say, returned my bro’s cash.

3, 4, 5, 6p.m. I sent a text message to mana, reminding her that my bro should not stay there too late. 7, 8, 9p.m. I sent the same message though in different manner. 10, 11p.m. No reply. WE were clueless regarding my bro’s whereabouts. I went to bed, but tatay stayed up late or he may not even had an hour of sleep, mama didn’t have a sound sleep too.

I perceived the situation similar to our feelings last 30 May (when we were informed that my bro took an AWOL), sort of flashbacks of what happened and what we felt then. Mama told tatay that this was the consequence of having my bro’s pass at Calamba rather than in Novaliches. Her voice was shaky. I felt her disappointment. Honestly, I cried that night. My mother’s feelings were radiated to me. Thoughts hovered into my mind which included this:
“ if only Mana was sensitive enough, this won’t happen. If she only used her mind and did not jibe with my bro’s wishful ness my parents won’t have emotional anguish. If only Mana was sensitive enough that our family also long for my bro’s presence…”

I know my bro was accountable too. But I believe that if Mana was only a bit more sensitive, my bro may have been home as agreed; my parents may be happier and more content than what had happen.

I need to have a good talk with Mana one of these days. I like her, but if things like this continue (this was the second time already) it will be another matter, I may totally despise her. It’s obvious that for me “its family first”, partly because it’s what I strongly believe as just and partly because I consider my parents health conditions.

She should heed this for us to be in good terms at all times. Pakialamerang ate ba? Aba’y sadya. Kelangan eh!