Sunday, August 20, 2006

A reminder for all commuters

I was caught in heavy traffic many times already ─ the latest occurred last night ─ and I’m sure that you also do. Heavy traffic isn’t new; it’s been there and is getting worse through time (my parents attest to this). Every commuter is affected whether you drive your own car or use the public means of transportation. For the past three years, I perceive heavy traffic as an inevitable part of my daily travel to and fro home and school. Am I committing hasty generalization? I don’t think so. Try to recollect the way you commute five years ago and compare it with your current travel experiences, isn’t it a proof for my statement?

I won’t delve on the causes and possible solutions to this commuters’ concern (I’m not in the position to do so), but rather give some hints that will help minimize the annoyance it brings.

I came up with this “Commuters’ must have” base on my own daily travel experiences.
* Reserve money. In case you decide to resort to cutting trip. Good for you if you find a way out.
* Candies, chocolates, biscuits (yup! snacks). Its wa poise to eat while commuting, but its better to divert your attention on food than to get stressed thinking of when you’ll get to your destination. I don’t advice drinking lots of water or soft drinks or you’ll feel the need to pee at the wrong time.
* Fan or a piece of card board. Something handy to cool your otherwise hot head.
* Full-charged cellphone, ipod, mp3/4, walkman (still in use). Nothing beats music trip in killing the time. Remember to be cautious while using your gadgets, it may be snatched from you.
* Extra hanky. Useful in covering your face when you can’t help yourself but doze a little. Just be sure that you don’t snore or bang your head to the one sitting beside you.

I assume that commuters like me regularly bring the items I mentioned. ─ Some of you may even have additional items for this “commuters must have” May I ask you to share it here? ─ So I better assert that this article serves as a reminder for all commuters that “IF YOU CAN’T GET OUT OF A SITUATION, THEN DEAL WITH IT!”