Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lovely's day

Today, August 22 is the birth date of Lovely Apple Rivera, a cheerful and dashing friend of mine.

Around nine this morning, I saw and chatted for a while with Love’s mother, Aling Myrna. We talked about my work---where I work, work experiences and the other high- paying jobs as good options for me in the future. I showed gusto about our topic although my mind was actually preoccupied with thoughts about Lovely’s birthday during that moment. I almost gave in to the urge to mention it but was not courageous enough to do so. I opted not to show even the slightest clue that I remember Love’s birthday for fear that it may bring back to aling Myrna related hurtful incidents. I threw and answered questions as if I was thinking of nothing else. But in real, August 22 constantly reminds me of the girl who loved apple and was the apple of almost every one’s eye.

“Love, I know you’re in God’s embrace…happy and contented…I do not know if it’s still appropriate but, ‘happy birthday!’”

I am entertaining the thought that Lovely is surely a gorgeous lady of 21 should she survived aneurysm 8 years ago. But ofcourse, she was a pretty lass...

Aside form Love’s birth date, August 22 also reminds me that life is too short to play it out of tune. It tells me to live life to the fullest every moment.