Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy, Jolly, Glad... Name it!

So what is the difference between happy, jolly and glad? Definitely there is a difference, but where does/ do the disparity lies? Is it in degree, reason, duration, frequency, period, or other forms of measure?

I personally believe that the descriptions of the said words are relative. The stated words are lexicographically varied, thus also dissimilar, as a state, among beings.

I have thought of this question as I read an email and found this picture. I then asked myself “What made and makes me happy, jolly or glad these past few days? Are they individuals or concrete and abstract things?” My answers were the following: my cats, encounters with my new chums, keeping-in-touch with my long lost friends, accomplishing a task and a good sleep.

I am interested to know the things/reasons that made/makes you happy, jolly or glad these past few days. I am hoping to hear from you--- or should I say, I am hoping to know something more about you. Have a good reminiscing moment ahead of you!