Friday, November 23, 2007


Dr. Eve found out that I love crocheting. She told me to drop by to her office during one of my free time for a christmas bell tutorial. She also told me this: You love crocheting? You'll be an old maid. She laughed; I sighed. (I wondered if she would have stated "like me" if mam Fe did not asked her something else... ^_^)

The incident lingered my mind the whole day not only because of the curse-like statement but because it made me long to ablaze my almost dormat hobby.

I have not tried to make a crochet project by following a particular pattern, my previous works 9coin purse and shoulder bags) are simply combination of the basics stitches that go the way I imagined. Now it different, I wanted to learn make a project following a pattern. I also plan to make cute crochet items aside form bags. I surfed the net and browsed for angels and raindeers patterns. I'll post here a finished project soon.

I'm excited!