Thursday, July 12, 2007

Constantly Reminded

I cannot understand why I am constantly reminded of events, people or things which I actually try to forget. On the most uneventful and unexpected moments episodes from my past suddenly pop-up on my consciousness and presto! I am left pondering and making wishlist or "what ifs."

I do not like it. It is not because I am not good at thinking (I firmly believe otherwise) but because it keeps me hanging or worrying. Such pondering moments only make me sick. It is not because I do not like the idea of thinking about events, people or things from my past because they are not good to think about, it is rather a living reminder that I have a lot of wants that, unfortunately, too far-fetch for me to reach and have for keeps.

See, I am starting to sound pathetic. Here's a period (.) for my dilemma.

....but it keeps me reminded of...