Monday, July 16, 2007

My Mabinian Pals

I saw the Mabini Academy for the second time this afternoon while we (Ms. Lyn, Ms. Rose and I) were on our way to International Exchange Bank-Lipa. It was dismissal time so there were lots of students on the street and side walk. While taking a good look of the school’s structure and students I remembered my My Mabinian pals, especially the ever- witty Hanzel, who is now an HR staff in Makati, and naughty-gritty Gilbert, who is now on his fourth year of studies and training in Baguio (ooopppsss... sorry for dropping tidbits, I hope you don't mind).

My experience is a clear example of episodic memory. Things that happened in the past flashed back like a movie; and it feel so good to realize that I have lots of good memories to cherish.

I am wondering how Hanzel and Gilbert are doing in their respective paths…

I am looking forward to see Hanzel tomorrow (he'll pay us a visit). ^_^