Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Speedy detour

I've been too busy this past two weeks with three paper works: Land dispute in Principles of Economics, Technical Report in Technical Writing, and Module-making in Group Dynamics. *Sigh!* These consumed a lot of my time and energy; but I am not feeling too bad becuase I do my works with my ever-supportive friends and classmates. I also learned new things in my everyday struggle while imparting myself in these tasks.

I am glad to share here my new experiences. I now know where DARPO Batangas is located. Karen Liz and I went there on Match 20 to aks for a land dispute, luckily Ms.Criselda Ilagan, Legal Officer I extended to us her help. Karen, Love and I went there again this afternoon and asked for a certification letter. We bought a cake for her as our token of appreciation. Karen noticed, An dI agree, that the place relieves the pain we have while we are still on the place. We are wondering why. Coincidence? I don't know.

I am now aware who do assigned tasks promptly and whole-heartedly. Honestly, I am astonished that Sarah does her tasks ahead of time. she really has changed, and its good for her and for our group. Chester is also demanding articles to encode, yes! you read it right, he is very willing to spend time to encode. Jen is also doing her part, but I think I would be more glad if she exert extra effort and spend more time doing the drafts with the rest of the gang instead of being an eskapo. Hanzel is great as ever. He dependable specially on the mathematical aspect of our tehnical report. We are trying our best to fininsh this on saturday (but ofcourse! the due of submission is on the 27th at 10 a.m.)

Golly! I am getting haywire regarding our pracrtical exam in Group Dynamics. I am praying and setting my mind to facilitate the seminar smoothly, though I must admit that there will be some gap and lapse. I beleive I can do this! I must because this is our final exam.

Gotta go! I need to stop detouring and be back on the straight track.