Sunday, March 12, 2006

A bait called temptation

I reached Mary Help of Christian Parish a couple of minutes before the 4:30 p.m. mass started last March 5. Ifm glad I made it --- at last! I am able to actualize my resolve for my 20th birthday, which is to be on time for the mass. What made my effort extra special is that it happened on the first Sunday of Lent; a timely refresher for me as I repent for my sins.

The gospel was Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11). In the Homily, Fr. Ante stressed that temptation is not the sin but rather giving in to temptation is the sin. He shared this story to further explain this:

Once there was an eagle that soars high in the sky. One day he saw a cat carrying a tin can while walking.
The eagle approached the cat and asked "What is inside that tin can?"
"Oh! I have here little brown worms for fishing." answered the cat.
"Can I have some?" the eagle asked.
The cat was quiet for a while and replied "I will give you some worms in one condition."
The eagle looked puzzled but let the cat continue.
"You will give me one of your feathers for each worm I give you."
The eagle agreed and said "Give me three worms and here, in return, are my three feathers."
The cat smiles as he collected the feathers and gave the eagles three worms.
It was a hearty meal for the eagle, but he felt that it was not enough so he asked for more and more worms until he ther is no more feathers left on his body. The eagle eventually died.
The cat then called his friend cats and has a festive meal --- which is the dead greedy eagle.

Fr. Ante is right, we commit a sin only, and if only, we gave in to temptation. Temptation remains a temptation as long as we don't entertain it. Jesus Christ was also tempted but he remained firm with his stand. I think it is just for me to contemplate on this matter frequently so I would be able to live a better and more righteous life --- a christ-centered life. How about you?