Sunday, March 19, 2006

Strolling and t-shirt repair

Hanzel, Emy, Yen and I have a hearty merienda (it's just that the waitress was so annoying). After eating, Hanzel went back to school to attend Bee jay's concern, while the three of us girls went to Tanauan City Market to have our JRHS shirt repaired.

The dressmaker informed us that the job will be accomplished after 30 minutes, so we decided to kill the time by strolling. We walked and shared a good laugh while Yen was busy looking for a stall that offers christening souvenirs at a very low price. Yen was blest to find one. We bought kikiam with hot sauce and have chat more before claiming the shirts. We saw ate Jo-Ann on our way home.

Yen and and Emy walk on their way back to Darasa, while I went straight to the Crossing bound- Jeepney stop.

This is a nice and simple bonding moment worth cherishing