Wednesday, July 27, 2005

25 on the 25th

Jen and I talked about her birthday on October 25 and her Eyeball with Brady on that same day. I listened first then gave some insights, which I prefer not to write here anymore to respect her privacy. Anyways our chat, even though the same topic as before since June 28, was lively and still flicker interest in me. I don't need to tell how hooked Jen is since it is her lovelife that i am refering to.

I love our exchanged of thoughts and enjoyed walking. Ooopppsss! We gaited, that is something I should emphasize.

We kept on talking and talking and talking even when our mouth were full of spaghetti, Hawaiian pan pizzza, and Garlic bread. U huh, we dined at Greenwich. Our order number was 25. I glanced at some one 25 times ( Iam not kidding). But we stayed there longer than 25 minutes.

July 25 then is the same routinary tuesday that offered something different for me, and I hope to Jen too. ^_^