Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Again...but for a while

Schedule for the day: pay a visit to the internet café.

While walking down the street I saw a familiar face. I winked twice to make sure that I'm not fooling myself. The man smiled then tried to hid his face. But it was too late, I already smiled back as I remember the name behind the face. I finally recognized him. He is no other than but Kuya Boyet, the mail carrier in our place whom I have worked with at the Calamba Post Office for 15 days last summer (From April 20- May 11 excluding Local and National holidays).

I stopped by the house where he is is standing still. He's waiting for the man to return his logbook of registered mails. He smiled once again, then finally asked my schooling---duh! he asked how's my studies without even bothering to ask my condition. I am honest to tell that things are well, good and rewarding except for the reality that I came home by 10 in the evening on Mondays and fridays. He frowned after hearing my schedule. I sigh.

When I asked how things are going on his life he just smiled. He mentioned no comments at all.

To beat the dead air, I told him that I have a classmate in my Humanities and Arts appreciation course that resembles him. This time He laughed. I didn't for the man I'm refering to keeps on throwing to me naughty lines, so as his buddies ( I'm refering to Benedict Carandang). This is another story.

He asked me where I'm going to and offered me a ride on his motor bike which I gladly accepted. On our way to internet café, I noticed that he keep on noddding to those who came our way. I was puzzled at first before I finally realized that he know those people because of his work. I guess my CPU processed too slow that time. Do I need to upgrade it? I think so. He informed me that Kuya Jun is a year older yesterday. I told him that I know. He turned back for a while then asked me how. I told him that I ask that stuff while I am still working at the Post Office.

I finally asked him----mark my word, its asked not commanded--- to halt upon seeing the sign. So I guess in every meeting there really is parting. But all are worth it... all to be kept as good memoties. Even tough it is just a meeeting Again... but for a while.