Sunday, July 24, 2005

Alexander the great

It was a bright and sunny morning on July 14. I took the bus on my way to school with my brother. We were both searching for a vacant seat and I was lucky to find one before my brother did. The man seated on my left carried his bag then asked me if I am going to school. I answered yes then looked at him. He was blind! He then asked my name and I asked his. He is Alexander.

Alexander is as big as the 27th US president, William Howard Taft and is 21 years old. He told me that he was blind since birth. He is the eldest of three siblings and the only single and able. He travels every day to and fro Pasay city where he work as a massager. He is residing with his parents at Lucena city. The proximity of his workplace is never a hindrance, he said. What is important for him is that he is well-rewarded by what he loves doing.

Between each questions and answers, He keep on telling me that he'll pray for me. He strongly believe I'll make my dreams come true. He uttered that all I need is to pray to God.

He really is great, right? Honestly, I was not able to tell him goodluck while we were seated side by side, but I was able to silently pray to God for his safety and happiness.

I am pretty sure that the day I have with Alexander would forever be my source of inspiration and strength for reasons I still find ahrd to grasp.