Thursday, July 21, 2005

Smile keeps on smiling

I always look forward for tuesdays and thursday since the start of this semester, pulling every hour and boredly counting every minute until its 2:30. Oui! I do love the subject Humanities and Art appreciation not because it interest me but rather the ambiance make me still.

I admit it is sir Smile's smiles that I do love. It is his smiles that made me bear One-and -a half hours of non-stop discussion. His smiles alleviate the boredom that gradually engulf me during lectures.

I simly love his smiles. I feel light and at peace. His smiles seem to be a supplement, or shouild I say brain booster, that warmly remind each of his student that Hum Art is a piece of cake(though it is not). His smiles, I guess are better to be encouragement-giver.

His smiles are Contagious. I cannot rememver any meeting when I stepped out of the room after class without a smile on my lips. Mind you, I still am able to smile even whem I was suffering form dysmenorrhea.

Sir Smile did not showed on July 14. I heard that he attended the ordination of one of his friends. I was not able to attend the class on the 21st when I attended the PMHA. I really was disappointed those days because the source of the sunshine in my during weekdays was out of reach. Then I would surely missed his class on August 4 because of the scheduled field trip. *gggrrr!!!*

Duh! I missed and will miss his smiles. Anyway, the thought that Sir Smile keeps on smiling is enough to leave a smile on my lips and too much to make me happy as I keep going. ^_^