Wednesday, July 13, 2005

long distance relationship

July 7, 2005 5:30- 7pm Social Psychology class
Ms. Ann discussed Self- Knowledge or the better understanding of oneself. Self knowledge is a three-fold process which include Explaining your behavior, Predicting your behavior, and Predicting your feelings. The foremost requires introspection or self examination including the past experiences. This enables an individual to predict his behavior and feelings. I perceive process as a pragmatism of the Stimulus- Response theory and of Insight learning.
Her examples were touching, real and moving which made the whole class so attentive and inquisitive.
I took the quarter of a yellow paper inserted in Jen's notebook. One afternoon is written on the left portion which gave me the idea to start a fun game commonly called dugtungan. It is actually more than a game since it reflect our respective beliefs.
Here it goes:
One afternoon... Naglecture c Ms. aane. She emphasized that she, herself is against long term relationship. & I don't want that too. Same here!!! Long term b? dba sbi nya long distance? Any way, as much as possible, I don't want them also. I agree on that. I don't want long distance relatonship " mahirap na kc e, baka maagaw pa SAYANg NAMAN." *hehehe!* I agree w/ long distance rel. kung talagang mahal mo ang isang tao gagawin mo ang lahat para mag- grow ang rel nyo. Ay, takot ako baka kc sa malyo mag-work c Marvin. masaya kc cguro naman mas marami na sya mapapkain sken *hehehe!* pero depende un sa tao basta mahal mo at may trust kau sa isa't isa wla cguro masyado problems, kung iiwan nya ko aba gago sya ang ganda ko kaya. *wahahaha* skn naman it doesn't matter kung magkalapit kau o magkalayo eh, what rili matters eh yung love & trust 4 h oder. basta tama na nga muna yang "love-love" na yan... aral muna tayo...*hehehe!*
Here is the list of the respondent on the dugtungan game( respondent daw o, as if experiment) Jen Carandang, Renin Lagrio, Emy Lanto, Hanzel Pagcaliwangan, Maricel Herrera, Sarah Magnaye, Leizel Andal, July baltazar, and Yen De Guia.
See, we're all friends yet have different views. I guess this make our relationship grow stronger....Our opposing views tightened the bond we have.


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