Sunday, July 24, 2005

Its been so long

“What time is it Emy?”
Emy took her cellular phone and said “5:18pm.”
I tapped her arm chair and uttered “I like to eat kikiam. It’s been so long since I last ate some of it.”
“So do I.”
she replied.

Silence followed. We were both absorbed by the explanations given by our professor o Article III of the Philippine Constitution, attentive and eager on every minute detail about the Bill of rights.

Then the class was dismissed. Students evaporated either in pairs or in groups. All AB Psychology students went down stairs, the girls directly to the ladies room while Hanzel went to the gents’.

I tried to convince Emy, Jen and Leiz to have our merienda before we go home but they declined. I then shrugged and abandoned the idea since it was drizzling.

Jen and I left the two who are bound for Lipa city. We met Chester on the way. He informed us that he’s going to accompany somebody on the way home.
“So that’s why you’re happy, huh!” I concluded. He smiled then went his way.

I once again persuaded jen to eat kikiam at Tanauan crossing before we part ways. She gave in this time. We were chatting while walking and were about to cross the street when Jen halted. I also stopped and looked sideways to her.

“Sherwin!” she called. The man did pause with a big smile pasted on his face which made his slit eyes too small.

Sherwin asked where Jen is going. The latter did not answer the former’s query but rather invited him to join the two of us. He refused and insisted that they take the tricycle in going home.

With out any second thought, I told Jen to go home with Sherwin at that very moment.
“It’s been so long since you last saw each other.” I added to let them go.

Before doing so, Jen introduced his friend and I to each other. We exchanged glances and smiles. Sherwin waved his left hand. I did not, or should I say, I could not because I carried loads on both hands. Then and there I told myself “Oh my God, he got expressive eyes. Very attractive gateway to one’s soul.”

I turned my back to them and found my way to the kikiam stall where I figured out that Sherwin looks like Brenan of PPS. I am wondering if he also sings well. I’ll definitely find it out. Soon… Iam hoping we’ll exchange pleasantries next time we met.