Friday, July 22, 2005

Thoughts to ponder

A woman beside me in the jeepney bound for Tanauan have a book in her lap. I intently looked at it with much eagerness. The book is all about breads and bakery.

The book rung an interest in me but the quotation written on its backcover stuck me more. Here it is " A life without mistakes is a life without lessons." It made me think then ponder even after I took the bus in Turbina. I thought that we do learn from our errs. Nothing, then, is to be ashamed of whenever we make mistakes. There really are lessons behind in every mistakes we make.

The book reminded me of Oscar Wilde's quotation " Experience is the name we give to our mistakes." I have pondered this thought for more than twice before. I expounded it the way I interpreted the quotation above.

Tell me if I am just taking the two quotations as a confirmation bias, but I think that the purpose of the existence of mistakes or errs is to inculcate certain lesson in each of us.

I hope I put this thought into a piece just on time. Is my realization too late? Hope not.