Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I need a break!

I am too exhausted memorizing this and that for our Industrial Psychology and Office Software Packages prelim exams.
*Sigh!* You read it write, I AM MEMORIZING! I'm trapped i a rote learning routine both by chance and by choice. I am not comfortable with cramming, but I can't do anything about that now. I'll do my best next term so I'll not catch myself dead in a situation like this.

Now, all I need is a break! I have been thinking that if I will not pause for a while, all my neurons will drain. So here I am having a break by writing this entry and blog hopping on the side.

Anyway, I have a brief talk with kuya Marvin (a library staff whom I consider a buddy) a couple of minutes ago.

I asked him the title and the writer of today’s young blood article.
ABC. --- La Salle.” He promptly answered.

He threw a query right after answering me. “ Ba’t di ka sumlat?”
I replied “ Feel ko, di ako ganun kagaling para magpasa ng article eh!”
"Sumulat ka, tapos pabasa mo sakin" he said.

Kuya Marvin's encouragement rekindled my long-time dream of having one of my article published in the Young Blood column. I think nothing’s wrong if I gave it a try. I guess its about time for me to set aside my neurotic thoughts of being rejected. What I have to do now (as in ASAP) is to grab an interesting topic and burn my brows while scribbling my pen and pad. Who knows this may give me a break... ^_^

I gotta go and continue reviewing or should I say cramming!