Thursday, July 27, 2006


Today is a special day! My email add is now on its third year. Let me tell you how it was conceived.

Niner is the reverse form of my name, Renin. Paula, a good friend of mine, gave me this nick name way back 1999 (we were first year high school studes then). I can’t remember how she came up with this. But I can clearly visualize my bliss upon knowing this tag. Some of my friends started to call me niner since then.

727 reminds me of July 27, 2003. The date is memorable because it of my “first” that happened that day. Here they are.

* It was the first time I went home from school at 9pm. I attended a “Pluma: creative writing workshop” which was organized by the school publication editorial board.

* It was the first time I came to know Ulango, the boundery of Calamba and Tanauan. Due to the heavy traffic from Tanaun to Sto. Tomas, that resulted form the red alert security raised by the AFP and PNP, the jeepney driver decided to take the Ulango-Calamba route.

* It was the first time I was caught in a traffic caused by a mutiny. Let me remind you that Oakwood mutiny occurred on this date.

* It was the first time I have a good chat with Engr. Robert de Luna* who happened to be my co-passenger.

I chose to have an email add that rings a bell to me whenever I use it. Niner727 fitted and still fits this! ^_^


* Engr. Robert de Luna is a professor her in FAIth from AY2003-2004 to AY 2005-2006.