Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Who are rich, who are poor?

Here is a story about the real essence of poverty. Sarah sent me this thru text.

One day a rich dad took his son on a trip. He wanted to show how poor some people can be. They spent time on the farm of a family considered to be poor.

On the way home dad asked “How’s the trip?”
“Great dad!”

“Did you see how poor some people can be?”
“What did you learn?”
“I saw we have a dog, they have four; we have a pool, they have an endless creek; at night we have fancy lantern, they have stars; we buy food, they grow theirs; we have walls for protection they have friends. Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are”

This tale made me ponder on three things:

First, poverty is not only the insufficiency of material needs, it can be emotional or spiritual scarcity where the latter is more threatening and greater loss. . A person may have all the luxuries in the world but still find himself hollow, empty and unhappy.

Second, Wealth is not only measured by money and other assets, but rather by the contentment, companionship and peace of mind that a person has and enjoys.

Lastly, being rich and poor is both objective (economic status per se)s and subjective (state of well- being). A person, then can be rich at a start of the day and poor as the day ends.

Now the question is: Are you rich or poor?