Sunday, September 17, 2006

Library-hopping: National library

13 September 2006, July's boarding house

I arrived at 7: 13a.m. and saw Sarah eating champorado. Liz, Karen, and yen were with July upstairs. Then came Hanzel, Love, and finally,Emy.

We boarded an ALPS Bus bound to Lawton. Thanks tosarah's friend who gave diection on howto reach the National Library! We arrived there at 10 am.

We logged or name in the receotion area and then fell in line to avail our respective library use ID worth 50 pesos. We proceeded to the Kiosk and search books, journals, news articles realted toour topics using the OPAC.

Zarah, July's friendship extended her help. We took our lunch at McDonald's. There we met Darrell and Angel (July's friends).

We were busier the whole afternoon scanning and skimming articles. Mind you, Sarah was so industriuos writing piles of related literatures and studies.

At five pm, we went to SM Manila and took our merienda-dinner. We commuted to Buendia thru LRT and met Love's ate before we finally rode a Bus bound to Batangas.

It was a tiring, yet, fun-filled experience! I am wondering when we will have another library-hopping.