Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Library-hopping: De La Salle Lipa

The AB Pasaway’s library-hopping officially started yesterday. Our first destination was De La Salle Lipa. In compliance with the rule imposed by all members of Network CALABARZON Educational Institutions Library (I’ll verify this name), which is a maximum of five (5) researchers from a school at a time, we decide to have two shifts: one group in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. I initiated a draw lots to determine the buddies of the day.

The call time and meeting place agreed upon by the group (July, Karen, Love, Yen and I) was 7a.m. at July’s boarding house. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. but still came 17 minutes late. I attribute this on my being turtle-like, which I can’t get rid of when still dozy. Love, on the other hand, told July thru text that she will be unable to come with us due to money constraints. Karen was an early bird so as July. “Nakakahiya nga sa dalawa, buti na lang at may mabuti silang kalooban..”

It was almost 7:30 when July to texted Yen and asked her whereabouts. There were no replies. We decided to leave around 8a.m. We rode an ordinary ALPS bus and exchanged a few chat on the way to La Salle, where I am the one who do most of the queries. (The three of us were all sleepy)


1. I was overwhelmed with the very accommodating security guards of Lipa. They extended their help courteously.

2. The librarian and other library staff were all helpful. They made us feel at ease during our stay.

3. I wasn’t expecting that the La Sallista were noisy (as in really noisy) in the library. Walang bell at pagsitsit ng library staff kung masyado nang maingay ang library users, unlike here in FAITH.

4. I was disappointed to find out that La Salle Lipa Tertiary Learning Center have a few new (published in 2000 onwards) books in Psychology. I was expecting the exact opposite.

5. I am still baffled on why they still use the traditional borrower’s card and not an electronic (with bar code) when they already have an OPAC. Isn’t it a double effort?

Anyways, I am still contented with our visit in De La Salle Lipa library since we (July and I, also Karen) found some related literature for our respective thesis proposals! ^_^


Anonymous said...

from de la salle lipa and i disagree to your statement na walang sumisita if maingayang students sa library.
and if hindi man electronic ung library card nmin, its just bcoz as you know, mtagal na ang la salle lipa and hinid ganon kadaling magpalit ng kung anuman.. ksi mas my btter priority ang la salle rather than those cards..