Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lets' eat! (from Toni)

I read this article form Toni and decided to answer it too!

1. Favorite Comfort Food
inadobong mani… buttered corn (yung shredded ang mas gusto ko) …banana cue…

2. Favorite Breakfast Meal
cooked rice, fried tuyo with kamatis (magkakamay pa ako!), coffee na matabang… delicious!

3. Favorite Lunch Meal
Indian sardine in Sour soup! (Sinigang na Tamban!)… or Chicken curry

4. Favorite Dinner Meal
Pork Etofado or Chicken Pork Adobo a.k.a CPA…

5. Favorite Dessert
Leche gulaman… Papaya/Avocado shake.. Lakatan

6. Favorite Cake
Ribbon’s Chocolate cake with Caramel and Black forest…. Yummy!

7. Favorite Pasta
Filipino style spaghetti

8. Favorite Dish That Others Find Weird
Ice-cold Milo mixed with rice…

9. Favorite Fruits That You Haven’t Eaten In A While

10. Favorite Junkfood
burger… corn bits… Muncher green peas…

11. Favorite TV Show Related to Food (Cooking show, Travel show with food, etc.)
Henny Sisn’s Sle of Life (nt sure with he title, tagal na in akong di nakakapanood nito)… Mobile Kusina…

12. Favorite Pastries
polvoron… macaroons…

13. Favorite Way to Eat Potatoes
fried… salad… as garnish in meat dishes…

14. Favorite Ice Cream
Magnolia Rocky Road… Selecta Cookies n’ Cream…

15. Favorite Alcoholic Drink When You Really Really Really Want to Party
none…I don’t go to party na may inman...

16. Favorite Bar Chow

17. Favorite Chicken Dish
Chicken Curry and Fried Chicken

18. Favorite Place to Eat with Your Sweetheart or Your Best Friend (Choose 1)
wala!( wala akong sweet heart at sobrang tagal ko nang di nakakasabay sa pag-kain ang best ko.)

19. Favorite Place to Eat with your Family
sa dinner table namin sa bahay, saan pa ba! (kelan ba nga ba yung huling sabay-sabay kaming kumain sa kumidor?)

20. Fill in the blanks: I wish I could eat ____ in/at _____ with ______.
I wish I could eat spaghetti at home with my family and AB Pasaway friends.