Friday, January 06, 2006

Double trole

I guess I'm not so lucky today. I got two evident injuries between eight and nine a.m.
Clumsy? yeah right, but claim this to be pure accident. Plain and simple.

The first one is a swelling on my forehead. I immediately poured water on my toes upon entering the bathroom only to notice that I forgot to bring my shampoo and conditioner. So I went out of the bathroom, got what I need and tip-toed back. Unfortunately, I slipped to my back. Presto! a swelling and short-cut forehead. I actuallly called my mom and asked her to give me a coin. I pressed the coin onto my forehead to prevent swelling. I also applied hot compress. Pero wa epek. halata parin ang bukol.

After applying the hot compress, I resume to my business. I continued doing my letter box. But it was cut short; my left thumb was slightly burned by the hot glue stick, leaving a small, white blister. It really hurts! Malas ko naman ngayon!

Anyway, the two incidents reminded me to be more careful in whatever I do.. Ano pa nga ba and dapat kong gawin, di ba? Nakakahiya...