Friday, January 13, 2006

Its now or never

I was moved by the January 9 Blog-O-Rama article Ruth on professional blogging. It was informative and inspiring. However, I felt inferior and a low-gut writer after reading the whole article. Well, I think I really am!.

This irony left me pondering about my blog entries and writing style. It reminded me of my age-long problem in writing which is the lack of emotional appeal. I can not figure why I have less emotionally appealing articles, though the topics I wrote and is writing interest me. Honestly, I do not know the root of my problem, and this bothers me a lot. I should do something NOW or never find it out!

I, then, made a resolve to make a more heart-felt articles and to improve my craft. How? I still do not know. All I can grasp is that I will surely find it hard. This is a big challege that will surely call a lot of effort and time. But I really am willing to make a change and improvement in my writing career, so time and effort is not a big deal at all.

First thing first. I am apt to browse pile of books to review the rules on English grammar. Practice will follow. I will be using lots of scratch papers to draft, edit, revise and rewrite my writings. Whew!!!

Tiresome. Indeed! But I know that it is no other than but me who wil benefit in the end. I need to materialize this one for a future inferior-no-more Renin. I will make it a habit to say to myself:Everything is worth it Renin!