Monday, March 30, 2009

It fits my feet # 1: Yellow shoes

I am in love with Ms. Lyn's shoes!

Ms. Lyn's yellow shoes
The colorful irregular shapes that adorned the yellow synthetic leather makes the shoes stand out.

Here are some comments Ms. Lyn got for her shoes:
Lyn, dumaan ka sa construction site no?

Wow! Yellow!

Sosyal! ang taray! (this was my comment upon seeing her shoes)

Ang shuez!

It fits my feet series
Lately, I have been too fascinated by foot wear. With this, I have decided to post here the snapshots of the shoes that will catch my attention. How I hope I will also own the shoes that I will post here. So till next time...

P.S. What is your favorite shoes? Will you mind to show it here?