Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My 23rd summer

*March 3*

It is my 23rd birthday tomorrow, 4 March 2009. However, with my physique and looks I can claim that I am still in my adolescent years, 12 to be exact. hehehehe... ^_^ Kidding aside, I have thought of listing the first 23 people who remebered my natal day. This I have thought out of looking for twists on my special day.

This is the partial list:

My family who are behind the planning of my simple birthday treat
1. Mama
2. Tatay
3. my bro Chris

My office mates who even made a presentation on the PC I use...
4. Ms. Cielo
5. Ms. Lyn
6. Mhaleen
7. Grace
8. Ms. Edna

My friends who greeted me in advance thru SMS
9. Izabel
10. Noreen Nikki

Co-employee who asked re: my birthday blow-out
(or is he the one to treat me)as a way of greeting me

11. Sir J. Magsumbol

My co-employee who shook my hands as he greet me
12. Bryan Mendoza

Here's the catch, there are only four more people/greetings to complete my list... Who will make it to my list?

The other eleven who made it in my list are the Following:

*March 4* (upon arriving to work)

To continue the list...
13. Hanzel who greeted me thru text this morning
14. Ate Tess who will lend me some plates this lunch
15. Ms. Dixie who went to our cubicle just to greet me

Those who greeted me with a Kiss
16. Ms. Des who greeted me with a kiss
17. Ms. Che who

18. Emy who greeted me thru email
19. Ms. Ia who greeted me thru Multiply

Those who greeted me during lucnh break
20. Sir Jason
21. Ralph
22. Ms.Rhuby

and last but not the least...
23. Ms. Meann Dulig who greeted after luch at the Female washroom

To all, thank you for the greetings! ( This is also for those whose name did not appear in my list.)

Come on, don't tell me who cares on Renin's list? It is my birthday remeber?