Friday, October 31, 2008

Passing by Mansfield Park

The reviews indicating Mansfield Park as the most controversial novel By Jane Austen drew me into reading the said novel more intently (and actually reading it again). I ask myself WHY it is controversial when it deals common issues including family, seperation, intellectual arrogance (sorry for the term, but the two Ms. Bertram and Aunt Norris belittled Fanny all through-out the novel), marriage, and friendship---common issues in a plot ages older and viewed or taken in another perspective by our generation.

Recalling the traits and role of each character help me discover the cause of controversy of Masfield park---the extra marital affair of Maria Bertram and Henry Crawford and also the relationship between cousins Fanny and Edmund.

But I need to do additional reading and search for materials that will support (or to contradict) my claim.

More notes soon...


witsandnuts said...

The existence of extramarital affair and incest in the novel were really surprising.