Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Image of Poverty

I received an email about the 2008 Blog Action day wrap up. It showed list of blogs that supported this year's topic (the list were divided into different category). The blog title which caught my attention was 17 Images of Poverty by digital photography school. The blog showcased a collection of pictures highlighting the different faces of poverty. Among the snap shots, I was moved most by the image taken by Thomas Hawk. The man named Christopher clasped his hands as if praying (but it actually tells a different story). It left me thinking that in a way, I am also in poverty--- I am poor in terms of spirituality. There are times that I feel lost... that I don not have enough faith to hold on to(though I am no atheist)...

Last April I told Reynan about my delimma on this particular matter. He only looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. Then our conversation went about other matters. I do not know if He took my disclosure as a joke or He simply opted not to make any comment since we were only newly-acquainted then (maybe it is high time I ask him again regarding his say).

I think I can claim (but not proud to do so) that I am a living image of poverty. I am no frequent-reader of the Bible, I do not attend mass whenever I do not feel I am ready enough for the eucharist, and I feel I do not have enough faith in God. These things alarm me. These things made me realize that I need to seek help---Well, I did. I asked God's enlightenment and maybe Thomas Hawk's "Christopher" is one of God's way of telling me that knowing my need (a stronger faith) and shortcomings is the first step in rising up from the poverty of faith.

Any help?