Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Click for a Cause

I was channel-hopping last October 1 and was able to watch a news at Channel Net25 featuring poverty and some ways which every one may take to help alleviate it. Freerice.com was one of the two games mentioned (the other one was food force)that aims to help end hunger.

In FreeRice one's knowledge on Arts, Chemistry, English, Geography, Language learning and Math is challenged and gauged (the difficulty of level of the game depends on on'es answers). Every correct answer I make is converted into 20 grains of rice (through the help of the sponsors). It is actully a small amount of rice, but if I play a lot and accumulate a number of points I am sure I will help generate enough rice to feed the people need it. Honestly, I try my best to make some review (yes I cram) before I play so I will be able to earn big points. This UN World Food program imparts to my learning, gives me entertainment, and makes way to my undertaking to help.

It amuses me that people like me who look for entertainment can both be diverted and be of aid at the same time with just few (or more) clicks. FreeRice is really a work of technology with a heart(and of course with the help of sponsors).

Almost Every breaktime, I try to visit freerice. I really love seeing the bowl gets filled with grains of rice. I feel my heart leaps due to excitement. I told about my bro and Mhaleen and my other friends about FreeRice. Know what? They also enjoyed (and still enjoy) the games and like the advocacy of FreeRice.

How about you? I'm inviting you to visit Freerice.com and click for a cause.