Monday, January 09, 2006

DAn and the Pasaway

"An ordinary day such, as yesterday, turns out ot be an extraordinary one when spent with friends."

It was not planned, but it materialized, and turned out to be almost perfect! July, Liz, Karen, and Love were the ones who initiated the gathering during our PrinEco class. Dan was also invited. Mind you, Dan was host of the bonding moments. I was, at first, hesitant, but later opted to join; Hanzel and Emy also did. Jen did not come with us, while, Yen, whose pregnant, obviously did not to come.
Darwin, Eric, and Jenn were also among us.

July, Liz, Karen, and Love went to the market and prepared our lunch. Pwede na nga mag-asawa, lalo na si July na magaling mag-luto. I volunteered to wash the dishes. A couple of minutes after my wet session in the lavatory, they started the inuman. I did not took part in the tomaan because I have planned to buy my and Emy's gift for the Peer Counsellor's party after the said get-together . I do not want to ruin that plan; I ended as a mere spectator. "O sige na nga, Kill-joy na kung kill-joy ang tawag sa mga gaya ko."

As an spectator, I have observed the following:

1. Di nagchaser si Eric
2. Magaling na tanggera si Love
3. Nagyoyosi na pala lately si Liz
4. namumula agad ang mga AB_Pasaway after a shot
5. Grabe! namula ang buong katawan ni Hanzel
6. Ang daldal ng bawat isa, talagang mga pasaway
7. Nauna pang naubos yung snacks kesa sa brandy
8. Naging masaya ang inuman nila

I left the place, at 5:30p.m., ahead of the group, and went straight to Walter Mart-Calamba.

I do not have any regrets for going with Dan and therest of the Pasaway because I had fun and I really enjoyed every minute of my stay with them.

The question that keeps on tickling my nutshell is this: "Kelan kaya mauulit ang simple yet memorable moment like this? Soon?... Hope so!"

Note: Sayang di namin kasama si Sarah...