Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cause of my Frustration

I just read Ms. Roleth's blog entry regarding frustrations. I was able to relate to her to the point of sharing my own frustration here.

So what made me frustrated? It is losing weight. Or Am I? I beg to disagree. However, it alarmed me because there were two people who mentioned that I look thinner these days.

The Instances.

Last April 15th, Sir Randy told me "Ms. Renin, parang mas pumayat ka ngayon?"
I made face.
Sir Melvin, who was with Sir Randy, said "Puyat kasi nang puyat siguro."
"Nakakataba kaya ang mapuyat"
Sir Randy interjected.
I said "Ofcourse not."

I left the issue hanging, but I was really affected because my recent goal is to gain weight and look a bit sturdy. *sigh*

Last Monday, April 20, I saw and chat for a while with Sarah Natanauan, a former co-employee who was then transacting some business in school.

Before I bid my goodbye, she mentioned "Renin,parang mas pumayat ka ngayon?" I answered "Ofcourse not."
What else should my answer be? I do not think I lost weight since I last saw her (which was ages ago).

I have not checked my weight yet --- I actually do not have the heart to do so or I will just be more frustrated. No. No. No. I am frustrated (period) Why will I not be? I am eating more quantity of food (more carbo and protein rich) than usual so I expect to gain more weight (I am tired of being underweight). But why do some people think I look like otherwise? :(

I am finding hard to reach my goal and these two comments did not boost my morale. *sigh* But I will prove them wrong ---hope so, soon...

Now, who says losing weight is the a concern? I do believe it exert a lot of will and effort. But hey, gaining weight is also tough for people like me who have high level of metabolism.

Wake up call.
The observation made by Sir Randy and Sarah reminded me to keep this in mind:"Eat more. Exercise. Gain weight is my goal."

How about you? What makes you frustrated?

P.S. As of April 24: Added in the list of individuals who took notice of my physique is Anthony.